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  1. When does tastefully and in moderation I don’t think there is anything wrong with Botox or fillers. If done well, you would not even know it was used. However, I do agree, those who use these treatments excessively face the risking of looking noticeably unnatural.

    With that said, a well maintained body, flattering and tailored wardrobe, as well as a good dose of confidence, will far outshine any cosmetic enhancements!
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  2. Agree about the plastic surgery. No matter how hard you try to stay young looking, the body ages. That includes getting wrinkles and lines of wisdom as I call them. There are celebrities who are difficult to recognize because of all the surgery they’ve had on the face.
  3. In my experience, that tacky, exaggerated look of someone with a lot of obvious work done actually is good at deceiving a large number of men (especially older) somehow. I feel like its mostly other women who can see it and find it unappealing, whereas the husband or "the average Joe" can easily be duped which is important to a lot of women I guess. At the end of the day, although being confident in your own skin and generally being healthy is great on a personally level, guys are still very shallow and obsessed with youthful features by an large.
  4. A lot of it is also influenced by your surroundings. I can’t help but notice the large number of women with obviously augmented lips, for instance, when I’m visiting LA. In some areas and certainly some social circles this “look” is normal and perhaps even expected...
  5. Eagle, “doozy” says it, over the years there have been ER visits due to dehydration from inability to hold anything down, so IV hydration combined with the heavy duty pain meds.
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  6. That's worse than I had it. I have to say that migraines became less of a problem as other things in my life became settled, done and over with. That can be a positive function of aging. But mid-life was a doozy.
    Does your DD benefit from the triptans?
  7. Yes and headed towards fifty has hopes she may “grow out of them.”
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  8. Still no word from Mindi?
  9. Unfortunately not. Sending prayers into the ether....
  10. Thinking of Mindi and her family. The holidays can be a tough time of the year.
  11. Mindi and family are well. Sorry I didn't share earlier. It's still difficult to type.
  12. Great news!
  13. CG- relieved to hear this, thanks for putting forth the effort to share.

    :heart:Have been thinking about you as well. Hope you are on the mend and the dogs are being extra good to make life as easy as possible while you heal! Just managing every day tasks must take organization and planning. And this being a Hermes Forum I wondered which of your bags, if any, you are able to carry as so many styles could be too heavy? :hrmm:
  14. Thanks CG. Hope you’re healing well though. Take care.
  15. Let me chime in to give my best wishes to CG too. Hope you have some help with the snow too. We got lots in DC.