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  1. tpf data says "last heard from Dec 9, 2018" Don't know about IRL, but if there is someone in touch with her, hope that person shares with her how much she is cared about and missed.
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  2. Very concerning and I hope/pray everything is ok.
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  3. CG, how terrible. I hope you’re ok. Do you have casts on both wrists? Do rest and be careful! I broke one wrist a few years ago and know how difficult things were for me.
  4. Yea, I noticed Mindi was mia. Do pray that things are ok with her too.
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  5. Hi everyone. I was just wondering if anyone knows if it’s normal for the font of the “Hermès Paris” engraving on the metal plate of the Birkin to vary between bags even if they’re the same year? I was looking at purchasing a pre loved B35 and it is an N stamp and the font appears different i.e thicker than the font of my N stamp B35 whose font is a little thinner.
    Any input would be appreciated!
  6. I’m sorry if my previous post was posted in the wrong thread!
  7. I’m puzzled. Why do women use Botox and fillers? To my mind, it makes your face look like someone pumped it up with a bicycle pump. It does not make you look young, just unnatural.

    I just saw a Facebook post from a relative who is in her mid-to late 50s, without a wrinkle or laugh line. She just looked off. I have had other friends who’ve had this kind of work and the results are the same. I think a more worthwhile expenditure is to get a personal trainer and work out and get strong. Invest in your wardrobe and your Style. If you walk into a room, fit, strong, and well-dressed with a confident attitude you won’t be invisible.

    My philosophy about aging is to look the best for your age. Wrinkles and lines are a sign of a life well lived.
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  8. Botox and fillers freeze face and shrinking eye’s. Who thinks this is a good thing? Not me!
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  9. A lot of women are unhappy with their bodies and looks. To them, they look better and feel better. When they look in a mirror, they don’t see what we see.
  10. I agree with you about Botox, except in the instances where it has medical applications. Can attest to the importance of its uses for helping some migraine sufferers, including my DD. When needed it is a life changing injection in improving quality of life. Maybe it is the placement of the injections for this, but even as her Mom I can never tell when she has had them. On the other hand, I also have a friend who has had multiple cosmetic procedures and routine Botox injections and I think her face would crack if she ever let loose with a big grin and a hearty laugh. Painful to look at and the sad thing is she thinks she looks "fabulous".
  11. CSS, my relative did not have Botox/fillers for medical reasons. I certainly don’t have a problem with that. I was just musing about a Facebook pic that caused me to groan a little bit.

    I guess people like your friend keep cosmetic surgeons driving Porsches or rife with croc Birkins.
  12. About 20 years ago I received botox for migraines. At first it worked well enough but then it pooped out (non-technical term). I think I was using it when the insurance cos. were just starting to approve using it for migraines.
    It made my forehead look smooth. But I can always cut bangs. Has anyone had experience with lasers for smoothing skin? I guess that's an option. Plus bangs.
    Migraines can be quite hard to treat. Highly competitive work settings, school, and otherwise embarking on adulthood can really bring migraines on, especially if one is conscientious. I don't think devil-may-care people get them, just my hypothesis. My best wishes for your daughter.
  13. eagle, thank you. Migraines can be very hard to treat. One of DD’s triggers is abrupt changes in the Barametric Pressure.
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  14. A little accidental Hermes humor on this fine Wednesday afternoon. IMG_6684.JPG IMG_6683.JPG
  15. I guess that means she would have difficulty in places prone to tornadoes? Or places that have a lot of "weather" as the term was used in "The Perfect Storm."
    Migraine pain can be a doozy. As I got older (and older) I got more nauseous for prolonged periods. That was hard to treat other than by drinking diet ginger ale.