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  1. @PoppyLadyBird @eagle1002us Yes — you are correct! The mini Constance was offered in metallic silver and metallic bronze. A quick Google search shows these dated 2005 but I remember looking at one in approximately 2008 before the Chicago boutique moved to its new location.
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  2. It is amazing how much positive influence Pantone has on so many industries! I look forward to their release of color of the year....I think it would be fun to work at Pantone and get insight on how they are inspired to generate color of the year and forecast trends...and I’m oh so excited to know that they are forecasting metallics! It could not come soon enough....
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  3. A quick check in to say hello and send along some joyful vibes to those that need them. Seems we all have mountains to climb and obstacles to overcome. Many many hugs.
  4. Mindi-good to see you back!

    Still adjusting to lasik. Only had one eye done, as one is still good for reading. I’ve always had very different eyes (one nearsighted, one farsighted) but this has still been challenging at times. I can see better for sure, but my brain needs to catch up!

    iPad is running out of juice...will check back when it and I have recharged. :smile:
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  5. Maybe leading designers and decorators huddle in a room at a top secret location and no one can leave until the new color forecast is established? :smile:
    Serious, @PoppyLadyBird, I totally agree with you about the metallics: it's about time.

    I get more compliments on metallic finishes on bags and shoes (my gold oxfords purchased about 5 years ago always get compliments) than I do with matte and somber finishes. I have a pair of almost a mirror-finish shiny silver oxfords, same thing, compliments.
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  6. Jeez, don't they realize the continued growth in the stock market is going to run into a correction one day and housing prices with crash? Some people believe that. Continued growth in any market can make some people very nervous. Your neighbors seem teflon-coated, totally impervious to rumor-mongering.
  7. poppy and eagle- thanks for the interesting conversation. I hadn't been aware of the metallics so Googled and found one in a Vogue article like the one referred to:

    "In 2005 Hermès used a specific metallic chévre leather for one season only. For that reason, any bag in this metallic finish fetches fantastical prices. A metallic chevré leather Birkin bought new in 2005 for less than €10,000 sold at Christie’s in Hong Kong in November 2017 for €100,000. Tomorrow’s sale features a metallic Constance from 2005, which is expected to reach a top price."

    Searched pf and found a "is there a silver birkin" thread from 2008 that included some pictures of what was being offered in multiple bags/metallics including bronze and gold. Personally not liking the silver Birkin, it reminds me of padded shiny mailing sacs, but was drawn to the the bronze bags which looked to have a deep glow (at least on my monitor which can be wonky).

    Always something new to learn about H.
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  8. @csshopper So that's the story behind the metallic auctions!
    It's funny what you say about the silver Birkin reminding you of padded shiny mailing pacs -- I assume you mean the ones H uses --they are really shiny. My silver oxfords must be made of a similar material with some leather thrown in because they also have a magical glow about them. I rarely wear them b/c the leather is rather stiff and hard to break in. When I was wearing them, I got just inside my office building when someone spotted my shoes and complimented me. I said I rarely wear them. "Oh, you should wear them every day!" she responded.

    There is something about metallics that people respond to. Next stop: hologram Kellys.
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  9. I love metallics and can’t get enough of mixing metals. DH and I are watching the Shaws of Sunset and laughing at one character who said that he disliked gold, then time went on and now his home has massive gold decor. When DH and I were in our 20s, we hated gold and I was always a silver girl. Now I like both gold and silver, that I chose permabrass for my K SO and am looking at soft brass drawer pulls as inspiration for a kitchen or bathroom remodel. Suffice it to say I would take anything H in metallic and @eagle1002us your oxfords sound divine! You should post a pic.
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  10. 4D7B3EA1-744F-4E74-B1A8-369BB0219355.jpeg Hi ladies,
    I just got back from Paris and Israel. The t was a fantastic and meaningful trip. It’s not possible to visit Jerusalem and not be changed in some way. I will post more about the experience later. I’m still pretty jet lagged.

    I love mettalics, but think that BV does a better job with them. I have 2 Cabats that are mettalic and love them both.

    Here’s a picture of me on the day I visited the Western Wall. I tied the shawl blind behind my head as I approached the Wall. I do not think I’ll ever do a better job scarf tying.
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  11. For your viewing pleasure.
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  12. I got a BV in gold metallic years ago from NM. Was surprised the gold wore off the woven leather strips at the bottom of the bag, similar to the way H bags get leather/color wear on the corners. Does the metallic finish stay on better these days or is color wear an occupational hazard of carrying BV's?
    Metallic BV's certainly are pretty, tho.
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  13. Thanks you, Mindi! What a precious little furry face.
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  14. Do you wear bracelets that mix gold and silver? I acquired some mixed g&s bracelets around 2000, I guess that was a trend then. They were bright silver and gold. I did not keep them. To my eye at that time only more g&s items looked good with them.
    I have a Gurhan labradorite bracelet that has a rather grayed silver with gold accenting and this looks nice to my eye. Is Gurhan gilding amount to a vermeil finish? Anyhow, I've been thinking of revisiting mixed gold & silver items. Just to see what's changed or not in the design of them compared with some 20 years ago.
    I like knowing about trends, whether it's jewelry trends, color trends or crop prices (I work in ag). :smile:
    @PoppyLadyBird thank you for the compliment about my blindingly shiny silver oxfords. I will try to get a picture of them this weekend when it stops raining and the light's better. I ultimately became a silver person b/c I liked H silver, the big chunkies like the Espionne, the Buckle Sellier Geant, etc. Nowadays, their silver pieces are scaled down so that some of them verge on delicate. Thankfully, the CDCs are still chunky. Chunky has a presence which I like.
    I've been doing beading like mad lately -- I go thru cycles of getting into it then not doing any for a while. The antiqued brass findings like cones (which allow multiple strands to be attractively combined into one) I quite like, they have a rich sheen. I have not seen the Permabrass hardware on H bags. If it's convenient to you, post a pix of your bag(s) with them.
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  15. Mabel actually is frustrating to photograph because she tends to squint at the camera. Her ears go back and her eyes narrow. When she is in full, unselfconscious, curious pupper mode she is just stupid-cute. IMO.
    Henry is handsome, too, I must add. Lest he feel slighted.