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  1. That’s so annoying. Seems the owners would realize it needs to drop but just won’t.
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  2. I saw this raw silk plaid vest (I think it was plaid, can't remember) by Etro in NM purse area and then again upstairs in the clothes department. That vest was amazing, all the workmanship on, which I as a "sewist" (new word in the lexicon, rhymes with "artist") really admired. The vest was lined with a paisley silk and narrow embroidered ribbon was on the vest's edges.
    I have seen some Brunello mohair and I like mohair quite a lot for sewing (ahem, sewisting) b/c it can easily be used for unlined jacket, only need to finish the interior seams. He had some dark mauve stuff that was TDF. I love mauve but it's a color that was last around in 2004 -- I kept my mauve goodies from then, like a velveteen jacket. It's like teal, it only comes by now and then. If I wasn't on the verge of retiring and H goodies of various sorts weren't calling me, possibly I might own something from Etro or Brunello. I have been paying off my cards, I do not dare get a NM card, tho I had one a while back. The NM stuff is just too tempting (now that I can fit into the stuff that's routinely carried in the store :smile:).
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  3. Hi eagle1002us, I am also on the verge of retiring and understand how difficult it is to carefully consider spending on luxury items and paying off all debt in preparation for retirement. I have decided if I really want something, I need to think about what I would sell from my collection to fund it. I find that when I plug in this equation, I don't want the item as bad as I thought if it means I have to sell something.....
  4. I am in the same situation as well.
  5. I would not have necessarily planned on retiring so soon (tho I have 41+ years on the job) but the need for the kinds of analysis my agency did has been declining. It has to do with a substantial decline in the number of farmers. I also have a problem with my eyes which is being treated but who knows? We really should go on some trips while my vision is pretty much ok. I don't think I bought any HS for the last couple of years b/c I have not been in the boutique for about the same amount of time. The last times I was there I got some scarves I quite like. I know they coordinate with apparel I already have. Anything H I have gotten -- one or two things -- has been H.com. Less temptation. Selling anything would just be an inducement to buy something new which might not be necessarily better, just different.
  6. Pantone identified metallics as colors for 2019. That's good. No, that's great. I view silver, gold, pewter and bronze as great neutrals. H never really got into metallics for bags, did it? I don't recall that it did.
  7. Mindi,
    Swinging by to give you a hug if that will help, or something stronger if needed.
    YOU are missed. There is a gaping hole in Chat, you know like when someone opens their mouth to a huge yawn and you can see their tonsils......that kind of hole.

    We are here, for the good, the bad, the ugly, the mundane, the dog poo, all of it when you're ready.
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  8. I think you are doing the right thing, Passau. Maybe a decade ago, I went on a selling binge to fund stuff I wanted more, or thought I wanted more. Particularly selling scarves to get scarves. In retrospect, I sold low and bought high. Plus -- and this was the kicker -- as time went on, I missed some of the scarves I sold. Some designs are simply more suitable for me than the new ones that come out in June/July and Dec./Jan. There's a lot of novelty to new issues, which makes them exciting and desirable, but not necessarily useful over the long term.
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  9. Sorry to be MIA. Another parental crisis (about which I can do nothing) is sapping my strength. But I am vertical and ambulatory, so there's that! Also, obsequious, purple, and clairvoyant. Anybody remember that?
    Love to all.
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  10. Glad you are alive and surviving the crisis Mindi. We are all thinking of you and sending good thoughts.
  11. Mindi,
    Sigh of relief. You definitely get the:hugs:and not the kick in the keister!
    Your peeps are with you.
  12. @eagle1002us , How wonderful that Pantone forecasted metallics. If memory serves me right, I think I’ve seen reference to a Constance in silver. Also saw for the upcoming scarf season, a silk with metallic which appeared beautiful. I don’t recall which thread it was ok but it looked interesting to me.
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  13. :heart::hugs:
  14. We are on the same page,@PoppyLadyBird! Glad to hear your info. That silver Constance sounds beautiful.

    Pantone likes to sell swatch cards but you might find the "Introducing Metallic Shimmers" section on their home page interesting. In my experience as a enthusiastic apparel/accessory consumer, I believe manufacturers do pick up on the seasonal colors Pantone offers as color forecasts.
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  15. duplicate post