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  1. I can't help myself from buying his boots and shoes. I love the monilli details.
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  2. I’m wearing this year’s mettalic gold Cuchinelli hiking boots. Love em.
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  3. The metallics are great too. I have some silver ones.
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  4. Yes, I agree. Do you like anything from this year? The only ones I like are the flat bottom boots which are too similar to the heeled ones I bought last year. One thing that bugs me is that he makes many different versions of the same thing so if you buy one, then you can't buy the other. I was in Venice a few years ago and found a pretty ivory cashmere sweater. They couldn't get their VAT tax thing to work so I planned to buy it somewhere else. I was so lucky I didn't buy it because I found it in a light brown shade that was WAY more flattering on me. The stores all carry different stuff and they won't ship out of the country.
  5. Brunello made some beautiful teal colored sweaters this season, but I’ll take Etro over Brunello any time.
  6. Nothing this year is calling me. You are right that the design features tend to be repeated each year (like the criss-cross monilli straps) and the gold and silver leather. Too much the same.
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  7. I am liking the crushed metallics this year but I am trying to buy a house so I am laying low this year.
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  8. OMG that gray sequins mohair hoodie in New arrivals....SO glad I can't wear mohair.
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  9. I have a silver pair from last year. They are very nice. A house is even nicer. :smile:
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  10. And the reversible cashmere grey jacket with the fur hood. Drooling over here.
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  11. If I could get it. lol. It's about 20% overpriced right now and has been on the market for 6 months with ZERO price drops.
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  12. Still? I read your thread in R&F.
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  13. Can you make an offer? I read that interest rates are rising which I’m sure is difficult when trying to purchase a home. I hope your dream one comes along soon.
  14. I found the house I want after looking for 12 years. At first, the issue was my husband not wanting to move. If you are interested in the saga, you can read the story here:


    Then, he finally agreed to at least make an offer and this is what is happening:

  15. Yep. Still no price drop. It is practically the ONLY house around here that HASN'T had a price drop. :sad: