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  1. My brother is supposed to go down in a couple of weeks.
  2. Oh boy, does THAT sound familiar, pursey. Cairns.
  3. Wow. THAT was unexpected!

    Maybe it is little dogs. Charlie, at 40-something pounds, is the smallest dog we’ve had.
  4. Little, stubborn dogs.
    I wasn't the most skilled or consistent crate-trainer, BBC, but Mabs totally missed the memo on "dogs won't soil their sleeping area." :P
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  5. Ugh...
    I have one for you and a “What would you do” moment.
    You hire landscapers to do some work, build a garden wall, mulch, etc. and every time you look out the window they are
    urinating on your property. One time I caught them over by my neighbors tennis court. The gas station is right down the end of the street as well as our pool house bathroom which requires walking through the gate.

    Do I bring this to the owners attention or let it go and never hire them again?
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  6. Darn stuck internet
  7. .
  8. Honestly, Rouge H, I had this happen once and called the company's owner immediately and said, "No mas" and he apologized profusely (rather amusingly, his first response was, "I TOLD him not to do that!") and started handling work at our home himself. I think the owners need to know, and if their response is less than that they are terribly, terribly sorry and it won't happen again, move to option two, and never work with this company again. And maybe mention this in an online review, if you are into that. This is a fact I would definitely want to know about a company I was considering hiring.
  9. Well I drudged up the courage to express my concerns along with the defying my request to please refrain from smoking and discarding your butts on my property. One of the workers had the nerve to come up to me and ask a question with that awful thing hanging from his lips.
    The owner said he’d take care of it-and that he did by sending me an email stating you’re unhappy and we aren’t coming back.

    How does this become my problem?
    Can I bag slap his arse:cursing::mad:
  10. Holy crap, excuse my French. Well, I think you did the right thing, and clearly these people are NOT people you want to work with, and if they haven't finished the job can you get your remaining money back?
    I am amazed at their insane level of rudeness. Just. . . amazed.
    So sorry this happened, Rouge H.
  11. I’m glad to have them off my property and the stress out of my life. What’s left to be done my DH and I will set aside this weekend to finish. At least we can stand back and feel a sense of accomplishment that we completed it ourselves.
    Customer service is lacking big time in all industries. When will the give-a-damn is busted be fixed?
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  12. Rouge H, I don’t know where you live, but I would see If there’s any governing authority that you can report the service or the better business bureau. Because it’s just disgusting. I would also not t pay for the service in full.
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  13. I’m in New England and I do agree with reporting their service but the other side of me is afraid of any craziness it might bring out.
  14. Totally unacceptable. Suppose there were toddlers or young children in the garden? The landscapers could be arrested for indecent exposure.
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    I started to respond without having seen the follow-up posts. If there is a local ordinance they’ve violated, I’d report it.