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  1. I understand, EB, and pursey is right. Anesthesia, pain, pain meds, interruption of routine--surgery and hospitalization is really hard on our parents.
    Sending vibes his and your way.
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  2. Ooooh, we have a spammer/bot joining the group. Goody.
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  3. Me too, Mindi.

    On a note relevant to this thread, I hope everyone's parents are doing ok. Was just catching up on recent events. You all have my good thoughts and prayers. What a difficult journey you are on.
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  4. Thanks, lulilu.
    Which reminds me--EB, have you had a chance to talk to your dad? How's he doing?
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  5. Mabel peed on the floor upstairs last night.
    So I sat her down and we had a talk. I explained that she violated the rules and I needed her to step up her game. She told me she had thought long and hard about this issue and that she simply couldn't promise not to pee upstairs, because reasons.
    However, she did commit to continue to be really, ridiculously, stupidly cute.
    I think that's the best deal I'm gonna get.
  6. Mindi, I have given up and put diapers on Phil and Lil when they get in my bed at night. Just a little leak and I was stripping all the linens etc. Of course they have yet to pee on the diapers. They hate them, but they earned them.
    I think it's just a little dog thing. Emmy has not once had an accident since she walked into my house from the shelter.
  7. Henry is really reliable, too. I think Mabs CAN hold it; she just doesn't feel particularly obligated to do so. She is one headstrong pupper.
  8. They are generally reliable too, Mindi, especially as they've gotten older. I don't know what it is about my bed. And it's just a little mark, but still requires everything to be laundered. grrrr.
  9. I hate to say it, but a few nights sleeping in a crate would probably fix it. We were fortunate that Charlie was well-trained before he adopted us, but having had puppies previously that’s the only thing that seemed to get the point across.
  10. I did try to crate-train Mabs, BBC, for months. She peed in the crate and sat in it happily.
    Weird dog.
  11. Rocky and Moose were completely crate trained, and loved their crates. Phil and Lil too. But there was still an accident in the house every once in a while.
    Personally, I think it's little dogs. Emmy is a big girl and was never crate trained. She has no accidents.
  12. No word on my Dad. It’s so frustrating. He’s not answering the the phone. And without his hearing aids he can’t hear the ring. The medical professionals haven’t been communicative either. So I wait.
  13. Ugh, EB. Keep us posted.
  14. EB, has any family been down to see your dad?
  15. That’s the Cairn part of her.

    MissP will come inside and puke on the ONLY carpet on the main floor. Not on the easy to clean floors, but the carpet.

    A few weeks ago she peed on the carpet upstairs. I had fed her and let her outside twice that morning but wanted to shower before I walked her. Result was pee.
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