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  1. Does finding a mouse in your car count? ‘Cause that’s what happened to DH. We thought about letting Rocket and Rosie loose in the car...
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  2. Love to try the new products. It’s so much fun even though I don’t wear much makeup. Like playing dress up with mom’s stuff!
  3. Meeces in automobiles definitely count, EB. All creatures great and small.
    At least the little critter didn't take a joy ride. Rodents are terrible drivers.
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  4. At least they didn’t chew the wires in the car!
  5. MissP 5:bunnies 0
  6. If she keeps this pace up, we’re going to be in TNTC territory. (Too numerous to count)
  7. Jeepers, Miss P. :amazed:
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  8. Miss P is Emma's new hero!
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  9. EB, how did y'all catch it??
  10. We didn’t. Hopefully, the thing got out of the car.
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  11. Well EB, if your DH finds his car littered with Cheetos bags and Minnie Mouse porn, you'll know who's responsible.
  12. If there was a mouse in my car, I'd have to throw it away and get a new one. Ugh.
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  13. :lol:
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  14. I love Mabel with all my heart, and she is Evil. She is actually pretty smart--but she is WILLFUL. She knows the rules, but if they don't suit her she'll happily ignore them. The latest: A couple of weeks ago I let her out late at night for a potty and she cornered a possum and WOULD NOT STOP BARKING at it. Neither she nor the possum was interested in making any further moves, and the stand-off seemed never-ending. She was waking up the neighborhood and I was freaking out and could not get her to come, nor could I catch her. Since that eventful evening I have put her on a drag lead (a short, handle-free unmanned "leash") at night so she'll be easier to grab if she goes rogue (you can stomp on the trailing end of the lead even when actually laying hands on the slippery doggo is impossible).
    So now she's figured out that if she carries a loop of the lead in her mouth it is shortened and harder for her would-be captors to utilize.
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  15. Ah, yes, The dreaded possum.

    MissP will not listen to me either when another animal has her attention.
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