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  1. Let us know if you try anything FANTASTIC, pursey! What is your favorite category of makeup? I myself have a lipstick problem. :rolleyes:
  2. I’m more into hair/body care than makeup. I did buy a number of lipsticks though.
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  3. I am at an age where I absolutely SHOULD be into hair and body care. I am not. It shows.
    Got me some colorful lips, though.
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  4. Oh, Pursey, that sounds like so much fun!

    Pug Shoes came to visit over the holiday weekend and we tried a new to us face mask. It was divine.....when we finally figured out how to actually use it. We should have taken pictures. It was a hoot.
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  5. The image of CG and pug*shoes trying a face mask together gives me renewed hope for the world. And makes me smile.
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  6. Mindi, Pugsy always renews my hope for the world. She's young, full of life and ridiculously smart! We would have loved your company!
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  7. Oh, IDK. . . you haven't seen me makeup-free in a face mask, CG. I am really scary. :wtf:
    Nice, but scary.
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  8. Oh, Mindi, we were definitely scary! But, that just made us laugh harder. You'd fit right in! :heart:
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  9. :biggrin:
  10. How are your weekend guys?
    I just thought I'd share, I had a pretty exciting weekend. We've moved to a new house a few weeks ago and this weekend, we saw 6 gray foxes at our property (must be a family). Crazy!
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  11. Congratulations on your new home, odette, and how cool about the foxes! I love seeing wildlife around my house. Foxes have such appealing faces.
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  12. Wow, Odette! Did you see 6 at one time? When we lived in the country, I once came home to find 13 deer in our driveway. I miss the wildlife still.
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  13. Yes! All at once! And they seem very comfortable, so I would guess they are living there for quite a while already. I've seen a few deers, but wow, I would be so giddy to see 13 of them all at once!
  14. Odette, seeing a skulk of foxes is quite rare in my part of the world. We had a lovely red fox that roamed our hillside, but never saw more than one at a time. Easily, the most exotic thing we ever saw was peacock walking around our swimming pool. That was a shocker!

    Let us know when you see more wildlife!
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  15. It’s so nice seeing wildlife near our homes.
    I had a party earlier this year and two deer showed up at the back fence. They were a hit.
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