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  1. Good morning to all peeps, perp peeps included!

    BBL--Good to see you, love the pics!

    Bailey started obedience classes last night. She was definitely not the star, much to the dismay of her competitive momma. However, she also appears to be the youngest by far. We also haven't been together long enough to be really tight as partners. We'll get there--she has great potential!

    Running off to lunch!
  2. Hi Peeps!

    BBL!!!! Good to see you! Sorry to hear about Charley & a big welcome to your new pup.

    My laptop has died again, so I've been MIA. We have to see if one of DH's friends can bring it back to life again. (I only like my laptop---I don't use desktop computers & DH's laptop is huge---I feel like Goldilocks.;))
  3. Hi everyone,

    I am up to my eyeballs in Excel spreadsheets and I am going cross-eyed. DS is back at school, DD's at the beach, DH and I are working like crazy. But gotta love them Nats!!! DH was at the Braves game last night. (He even got on TV!!! He and his buds were boisterous fans of the Nats.)

    Beeble, Congrats to DS!!! I certainly understand being a proud Jewish mama!!! And Eli is adorable. That must have been so scary with Coco. I'm really glad she's OK.

    Waving madly to tesi, Lulilu, mree, Millicat, Mindi (Perp Peep???!!!! ROTFLMAO), CG, LDM (your pics are AMAZING), India (my kids get their foodie roots legitimately from me and my DH :smile: )

    H.Luv, My 2¢. Save for a good bag. Keep the money separate from your everyday expenses. Splurge on little things, that are lasting that make you feel good. I recently got a FABULOUS beaded clutch at Cusp for $109. So you don't need a hugely expensive bag for a treat. Put your Starbucks $ into your bag fund...

    CK and Lala, hugs to you both!!!!
  4. Morning Etoupe, morning everyone :smile:

    Yet more heavy rain and thunderstorms, hey ho, this summer just hasn't happened here :rolleyes:

    Got a busy day here, and here's hoping you all have a lovely day where you are :smile:
  5. Good Morning Everyone! Happy Wednesday!! Week is almost over!

    Ck-Good luck with doggie school! I bet in a few weeks Bailey will be at the Top of his class!

    Lala-Sorry to hear about your laptop. That stinks. Hope it can he fixed. Hugs.

    EB-Yikes, busy much? Hope things slow down for you soon.

    Millicat-Boo to no summer! Maybe you will get a few nice days in September.

    I'm so looking forward to fall! I love the fall!
  6. Good morning!! :sunshine::sunshine:

    Young Hot Cars has had a few rough nights. My guess is molars are coming in, but I need to get a glimpse inside his mouth to know.

    We are anxiously awaiting and dreading the start of the Minnesota State Fair tomorrow. We love, love, love the fair, but it also signals the end of summer. We are taking Collin next Tuesday. A day full of eating wonderfully sinful foods, and trying to keep track of a toddler! :biggrin:
  7. ck, please have a bucket 'o' chocolate chip cookies for me! Oh, and a Pronto Pup or four! Oh, and and and. . . . And be sure to say hello to all the baby animals in the farm buildings! Love me some MN State Fair!
  8. I am so excited: it seems a tiny bit of the French I've been trying to cram into my head is actually staying put. It still takes me too long to say anything, since I still have to translate in my head, but it's getting better. But you know, there are still some words that really challenge my pronunciation. "Couverture," for example. Koo-vare-choor, sort of. My mouth won't move that way. Let's hope I don't need to talk blankets with anyone while en France.
    Sending happy tooth vibes to Mr. Hot Cars.
    Sending happy laptop vibes to Lala.
    Sending general happy vibes to all.
  9. That's a great sounding day :tup:
  10. You know, I hate those dang Charmin bears (US tv commercial, for those living blissfully beyond their reach). And now, just to spite me ('cus, remember, "just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you"), the creators of this awful ursine family have enhanced the animation so that the durn things look three-dimensional and have actual fuzzy-looking fur. This is an outrage. These hygiene-promoting, anthropomorphized maneaters must be sent back to the woods where they belong.
    Ahem! Sorry. I know we're not supposed to get too political on the forum.
  11. P.S. Yes, I do occasionally have too much time on my hands, and thanks for asking.
  12. :p :hugs:
  13. Thanks Peeps! I'm getting used to my DH's laptop, although it's so huge it feels like it was carved from stone. :p [I'll stop complaining now about such a first-world problem.]

    Mindi, I haven't seen the new & 'improved' bears, but I am in your camp---not a fan!

    EB---It sounds like life is as busy as usual in Chez EB. I'd love to see your new clutch!! (I've been on a serious clutch kick for a few years, but I can never find quite what I want.)
  14. Poor little guy! The molars are the worst!! Wow, it's been so long since we were in that stage, but it's funny how you can instantly remember just what it was like. Give him big hugs from us, please. :hugs:

    The fair sounds fun, but you are right about the end of summer. Although summer is my least favorite season, I truly miss all the freedom once it's over.
  15. Mree----I also love fall! It's sooooo gorgeous here during October!

    Millicat---Sorry summer has given you a miss! Will you have a chance to go somewhere beachy for a holiday?
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