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  1. LDM, prayers for your dad and family. What a time you are having! And isn't it amazing how siblings step up to the plate when you need their help. So long as you are doing everything, it's ok. Best to distance yourself or you might give them the whatfor and regret it. Silence is good, I have found.

    India, our flowers and flowering trees are totally confused as well by this weather. A few sunny days made everything bloom and now it's cool and cloudy again.

    I am sitting here waiting for a call from the groomer that Moose and Rocky are ready after their baths and trims. I am so worried having left Moosie but they wouldn't let me stay anywhere near him. Poor old guy. And Rocky was beside himself with nervous energy. He barks incessently (I think he might be on the wall of shame at the vet for barking continuously the entire 90 minutes we were there). I always wait outside until they are ready for us, but can't seem to calm him down.
  2. LDM, I am so sorry about your Dad's continuing struggles, and that your sibs are causing problems rather than solving them. And what is it with Kirby's friend's Mom and the repeated references to how much Kirby eats? Is she ANGLING for a present, or what? Not too klassee, IMO. I am trying to picture you complaining to another parent about how much Kirby's friends eat . . . and I just can't see it. Huh.
    India, ugh and DOUBLE ugh, HenHen is almost certainly going to think the cicadas are manna from Heaven. Oh boy, oh boy, ohboyohboyohboy. Vibes for me, Peeps, that we aren't inundated in my area. I might not survive. Death by ickiness.
    tesi, if you do see any giant African snails in FL, get a pic for me, wouldja? :p Them things is neat-o. Not for the environment, of course, but in the abstract, they're neat-o.
    ETA: lulilu, hoping that Moose and Squirrel (er, Rocky) look great and feel at least okay after their spa day. We have some people here doing a little spring yard clean-up and our puppies have been vocal about it, to say the least.
  3. My plants are getting whiplash from all the sudden changes in weather these past few weeks. My daffodil (only one left now, out of four) finally tried to put out a bloom, but with the recent cooler weather, I'm thinking it'll give up the ghost as well. Everytime we get these sudden temperature changes, I am reminded of my first year out of vet school when the temp dropped from 90 to 40 in the span of a few hours. Lot of horses colicking. I mean, a LOT...and guess who was on call. I still have nightmares of that day and night.

    LDM, I am so sorry that your dad had to go back to the hospital (I'm with India, how did he get so dehydrated??!), and that your siblings made your getaway less than relaxing. Sending vibes for a much smoother recovery from this point out.
  4. Wow, OB--What about a temperature drop makes horses colicky? And what exactly IS equine colic? I remember learning about torsion from the James Herriot novels, but that is the only horsie intestinal issue I have even passing familiarity with. Large animal medicine seems enormously challenging.
  5. Sending good weather and no bug vibes to all. What is it with the wacky weather every where??
    OB I can't imagine that type of temp drop, incredible! Those poor horses.
    CK please be safe in that wet mess.
    Lulilu I can just picture your sweet dogs' mug on posters in the vets office. Lucky is a barker too. He is also an OC chewer.

    In a nut shell, my Dad's dehydration is due to the Ascites. He looses massive amounts of fluids due to the daily draining of his lymphatic fluid that collects in his abdomen. They are now going to have an additional nurse give him daily IV fluids. I am here with him at the hospital now. I had brought him some homemade soup for lunch. We sat outside and I showed him the pics from Oregon. He suddenly became dizzy, BP dropped so his nurse and I ran him into the med center. Good thing we did! I think I now know way too much about his condition. I seriously want to think about going after the surgeon who caused all of this, it just simply breaks my heart to see my dad like this.

    Mindi, as for my girl friends text messages about Kirby's eating habits...she just happens to find it humorous! Her son is very tall and built like a green bean...no muscle definition at all. She would LOVE to have her son eat like Kirby, have those muscles, etc... She is really a sweetheart who has just never had a polo player on vacation! I must say, I LOVE you Mindi for being so protective!!!

    India, what kind of silver polish do you use? Some of my silver looks awful from recent neglect.
    Living by the beach doesn't help I am sure.

    I am starving, thinking of all of my food at home, especially my box of See's candy bridge mix.

  6. Yes Tesi, and I always think of all of you wonderful "sisters" when my own sibs are a pain.
    I am doing my best to have as little as possible interaction with them. I am in a much better mood when I don't have to deal with them.
    Happy early anniversary and birthday to you DH!
  7. LDM, oh dear, he is still losing fluid into his abdomen? Did they feel that the last surgery was successful? I'm so sorry that you and he are going through this. And for no reason at all, other than one person's mistake.

    Mindi, usually with weather change, it's due to the horses drinking less (cold or icy water) or stress/anxiety (high strung horses), or basically anything that slows the gut down. Most of my cases that day needed IV fluids and hospitalization. One just needed a trailer ride (stimulates the old gut..the guy had a few piles in his trailer by the time he got to the clinic, but the horse felt great!), thank goodness.
  8. I don't deal with bugs well either. I've noticed the past few warm days that the stink bugs have come back to visit! I get them and throw/flush them down the toilet. They creep me out! Thank goodness we don't have them as bad as I've heard some do! They are soooo ugly and just creepy!
    LDM, hang in there with your dad, and don't let your siblings bother you. Mine were NO help with mom and never helped me. Now they want to be best pals...I prayed about it and let it all go. I just decided that I didn't want to live my life with resentment. It feels good to be over it. I won't forget that they never helped me but I forgive them. I know that I did everything for mom and don't regret one second of it. I miss her so much and will always have the memories of the time I spent with her.
  9. LDM-continuing to send vibes.

    The snow here is insane. The trees are covered and it is beautiful in some ways, except that it is Mid-April!!
  10. LDM, I have my help use Goddard's Silver Foam. I think TarniShield is still the best but it takes VERY diligent rinsing to get it out of the cracks and crevices and my help is not meticulous. The Goddard's Foam rinses very easily - the shine just doesn't last quite as long. One thing that helps is drying the silver with a special terry cloth called The Silver Butler. They are available online - get mine from a PA online hardware store. I usually order 2-3 at a time. They cannot be washed - the special stuff in the terry would wash out - just use them until they are very grimy and then pitch them or wash them and use them for cleaning jobs.
  11. LDM, I personally think you and your family should go after the surgeon who caused this, both because his malpractice insurance should pay for all the extra care and treatment your dad now needs AND because I hate to think of him not taking this seriously--a lawsuit would at least focus his attention. But that's easy for me to say as an outsider. You and yours will decide what's best. I see now where your friend is coming from regarding Kirby's appetite. As long as she's not giving you a hard time so I don't have to come out there and :bagslap: her! (Kidding.)
    OB, considering how big they are and how hard we work them, horses are actually rather delicate creatures in many ways, aren't they?
  12. LDM, so sorry your dad is still ailing like this. Does he or your DH know a specialist that you can bring in? They should have a plan in place, no? I will keep sending prayers his way.

    CK, I can't believe you are having snow. We are having cooler rainy weather.

    Moose and Rocky survived their spa treatment, thanks Mindi. When they brought Moose out, I bent down to cuddle him and he peed all over (lucky I wore flip flops -- I'm no dummy). Just his way of saying he was happy to see me. lol

    Chanel, don't even bring up stink bugs. We get them and I do the same as you. Plus I have an exterminator spray the windows inside and out. Ugh. Nothing really gets rid of them.
  13. I know I have talked way too much about the snow, but more than a foot in April....???????????? This is a big snowstorm by January standards, in April it is both funny and mean.

    Wishing everyone a happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. My DSIL sent a picture of my nephew and his grandma building an April snowman! Yuck. Hope this melts quickly for you, ck. You guys have had more than enough.
  15. Thank you for the great silver cleaning information India. I will go on line and order some. DH is my detail cleaning guy. He will appreciate these tips I am certain! I do keep our tea and coffee service polished on a regular basis by using a silver cloth once a week. The other silver pieces are not out and about often so are left neglected sadly. Thank you!

    Chanel, I agree with you. I will let my anger and frustration toward my sibs go. My focus is on my dad and I will never regret all of the time and love that I have put into caring for him and helping him through this difficult time. Like you, I did this for my mom. I am so glad I did.

    Lulilu, sadly the docs do not have a concrete plan for my Dad's treatment or recovery. The top surgeons and physicians from three major hospitals are all working together trying to figure out how to treat him. There are several elements involved with his case so it's quite complicated. They are now thinking about putting him back into the hospital for 30 days on only An IV for all of his nutrients to see if this will help with the Ascites and aid in the internal repair of the damaged lymphatic system. My dad is hoping this will not happen. Each day presents us with decisions, set backs, positive information, sadness but still hope.
    OB, His third surgery was not successful, other than helping with the daily drainage.
    Poor guy, so much in such a short period of time. If anyone know of an expert in Ascites please let me know. It is such an individual condition and difficult to treat.

    Mindi, I'm in total agreement with you. In fact DH is sending a letter from his law firm to the hospital today to request film from the surgery. This might wake them up!
    Snowmen in April?? Oh my goodness! How is your sister in law doing Mindi?

    CK, sending you warm melting vibes! You can always come here for a little warmth :smile:
    Be safe in that snow!

    Braxton will be my playmate today. My dad can hardly wait!

    Happy Friday xoxo
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