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  1. Continued from the previous discussion here.
  2. Ah, you guys make me laugh.
    purse, wedding dress! Yippee! That is soooo exciting!!!
    I thought about sending more calming vibes to Winky, but decided to send Kevlar vest vibes to the acupuncturist instead!
  3. Kevlar vibes sound like a good idea, Mindi!
  4. Hi, misti! Thanks for the new thread!
  5. :flowers:

    How's Olive (and HenHen)? I'm hoping the change of seasons will prompt an ode or poem!
  6. Good morning (err, afternoon!) Late day already. Can't get used to the time change. As far as the automatic changing clocks... Our car has an automatic feature that works on an old algorithm. So, it changes whenever it was supposed to change in 2006. Wow, is our car that old already? Anyway, I went to all of my watches in the winder and reset them for the February change and then yesterday the time change.) Then the non automatic ones got changed. I think I have too many watches. Oh, well. You should see DH's collection. LOL.
    ck, they keep changing food schedules for babies. The first thing we fed DS was cereal, then an orange vegetable, like squash and carrots. Still a veggie, but a bit sweet. Then, the fruit was a dessert. But, we never did the do-it-yourself stuff. Of course this was 500 years ago.
    Restricter, what's with Jinjy? Is he okay? My grandcat is fussy, but she is happy with Trader Joe's Tuna from a can. DS is happy to find it on sale and I get to buy it for grandcat (Lilu) I also got her a catnip toy the other day from the vet. This is for sure my only grandchild. And, I don't get to see her, we don't really get along. I'm allergic to her, but she does accept gifts!
    I am going to have to miss the sale next week. It's kind of sad, but I don't really get to visit with most of you and I'll probably just buy stuff for the sake of buying stuff. Unless I get reports of too good to not buy, I'll have too limit my bag buying to just that one...
  7. Seconding the Kevlar vibes to Winky's acupuncturist! I'm just imagining the look on Winky's face when he sees a vet with lots of needles coming at him.

    Purse, how exciting to see your dress again!
  8. Mindi, When I take the kids to the kennel, I have a file on the computer for each (you should excuse the expression, D-O-G) including medication, food, friend's and vet's phone numbers, our itinerary, etc. Well, they have a form I fill out once, and they keep it in their computer. The new kennel we use actually has an on-site vet and exists in the 21st century! Our old place was so different. I actually like this new kennel. It costs an paw and a tail, but they have the day care, too. The dogs love it.
    It is hard to find a trustable kennel, but we were happy with it. I know you are getting ready for your tropical H trip!!
  9. BBL :lol: "costs a paw and a tail" How is DH doing?
  10. :shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked:

    The wrong dress was ordered.

    I unzipped the bag the dress was in and looked at it and wondered why there was a beaded strap. Was it something they put on later?
    Slowly it dawned on me.

    I got dressed in my clothes and let them know it was the wrong one. I thought it might have been mislabelled in the store. Nope. That's what was ordered for me. I showed them the one I wanted from the rack. Style numbers are off by one digit. Still have two months. Breathe in and out.
    They're looking into it and will let me know what they can do.
  11. Okay, I have an etiquette question. Is it typical to throw a baby shower for someone's second baby? My friend is having her second baby today, and I realized in horror that it never even crossed my mind to throw a shower for her. Of course, I never heard a thing about a shower from her mom or sister or other friends, but I feel like such a terrible slacker of a friend. Just wondering.
  12. ^^Purse, that's disappointing. When will they be able to let you know if they can obtain the right dress?
  13. O.M.G. Purse, I'd be in a panic if that happened!! I hope they can get the right one in time!
  14. She said it will take a few days.
  15. We'll see. I'm more comfy in jeans and a tshirt anyway:p
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