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  1. Continue from here.

    :chatty: Happy chatting!! :chatty:
  2. Ooooh, I'm first!

    Thanks Ms. Piggy!

    And hey Peeps!
  3. Wow, Ms Piggy is quick with the new thread! Am I first?!
  4. Third place!!:yahoo:
  5. Doh! Stoopid slow iPhone.
  6. I was just writing a long, feeling sorry for myself diatribe. And poof the thread was gone. Good thing, because one of you probably would have called 911 for me!
    I am moving back to my bathroom so I had better get going because I have my monthly doctor Fred appointment soon. And, he wouldn't want to see me like this.
  7. Whoa. Way too confusing for 7:45am. Where's the thread?!?!?! :faint:

  8. Pugsie......A Kelly Relax......in my next lifetime, maybe!!:faint:
  9. Pugsy, (was replying to your post when I entered the twilight zone between chat threads :biggrin:) little did DH know how expensive it would be to marry me :lol: He's now resigned to the constant and inevitable flow of money to H.
  10. LOL, you have him so well trained! :biggrin:
  11. I am warming up to the Kelly Relax after seeing Kim Kardashian wear it on the shoulder (I know, strike me down for liking something she wears :biggrin:). Not a fan of it as a handheld bag, but I like it better than the Shoulder Kelly
  12. Hi Tillie and BBL!

    The sun is now shining and if there were birds in Manhattan, they would be singing. Meanwhile, my cube smells like Clemence. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.
  13. But not well trained enough to avoid the eye rolling and clutching of the chest when I get a new bag :rolleyes: So dramatic.
  14. LOL :P
  15. OB, I understand. I actually seeing the Kelly Relax on the shoulder am warming to it. Wonder if it could hold a small mac laptop :P
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.