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  1. Hi all,

    Another day in snowy winter wonderland here :smile:.

    eb: You must be so proud on your DD!

    margieb: I'm proud of you that you passed on the Barenia Kelly and I'm sure you'll find another one in the future when the time is right. I know how hard it is to pass on things when you really want them :hugs:.

    Cavalier Girl: One day without internet? I'd die lol, I need my internet :smile:.

    Btw guys, what do you think about a black Tohu Bohu silk scarf?
    I bought one and now I have to wait until it arrives. I was very excited when I bought it but now I'm not so sure anymore. I'm more a neutral person and this scarf would be the most colorful scarf that I have...really colorful.
    I think it would be nice with a black outfit but I really have no idea what else to wear with it without looking like an exotic bird KWIM :P? Paid a little bit over retail for it but now I'm afraid maybe it was an impulsive buy, what do you think guys?
    I add. a pic of the colorway of the scarf.

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  2. Chanel,

    I think you will love the scarf!!! You can fold it so it can be a little less pattern-y. I think it will look great with any black outfit. But it will probably work with some more neutral colors such as tan/khacki with a black belt, shoes or bag.

    I hope this helps.

    If not can you return it to the seller?
  3. Thank you for your advice :smile:.
    I hope I'll love it, most of the times when I buy something I'm sure that I'm going to love it but this scarf is just so colorful.
    If it would go with khacki, that should be good, I love khacki colors!

    Don't know if it's possible to return in case that I don't like it but I can always ask the seller if that's possible.
  4. I also think it would look great over a white outfit too.

    BTW, I love khacki too.

    Gonna go hit the treadmill. I've been bad this week. And I feel it.
  5. I know what you mean EB, I've been bad too and I gained 4,5 lbs this week, ouch...
    It's that time of the month when a woman needs some sweet stuff like chocolate :P.
    Good luck on the treadmill EB :smile:.
  6. Good Morning, Girls! :sunshine:

    I see we have a new thread----we are chatty! :P

    Chanel-----I think the scarf is really pretty, but I love bright colors, so I may not be the best one to give advice. ;) Hopefully you'll like it when it arrives. :hugs:
  7. Hi Cinderlala :smile:.

    The scarf looks very bright on the pictures but I think I have to give it a try when it's knotted, then it's another look.
    But from now on I really have to save money for the Birkin and for Paris sales, except when I see some H.wool pom poms off course :P.
  8. True----I can never tell how much I'll like a scarf until I've actually lived with it for some time. Unfortunately, that has led to a couple mistake-ish purchases. (They are not really mistakes because I still love them, I just don't wear them as often.)
  9. I'm glad that you still love them.
    I have to admit; I was quite an impulsive buyer in the past a few years ago. Sometimes I bought things and they ended in my closet, new and never used. Luckily for me, I wasn't into H. or Chanel at that time or they would be very expensive impulsive purchases.

    Now I always think twice before I buy something expensive, except with this scarf.
    Was so excited when I saw it, that I hit the BIN button in a heartbeat, maybe I was a little bit too excited lol :P.
  10. Morning ladies! :hugs:

    Chanel, oh I so know about silet doggy stinkers :rolleyes: Our fawn pug (Charles) is notorious for that, toots and then runs away like, ewww what did you do?!?!?

    Hope you don't mind me throwing a little party, but today is our 3 year anniversary of getting Charles from the rescue! :love: I'm baking him cookies tonight.

    Mr. Lala, nice to see you here! (and I'll work on Lala if I can come visit? Please? I don't take up much space, promise!)

    Purse! *waves*

    CG :heart: So glad to hear from you and you're all safe. Happy to see you online.

    EB, I love the picture of Tily (sp?)! She's beautiful :flowers:

    Margie, that was a lovely bag, but there will be more, you know?

    I'm so sorry if I missed anyone :flowers: Haven't had my coffee yet :shame:
  11. I've learned to be really cautious with scarves-----they are soooo pretty & too easy to buy. I'm not a collector, so I rarely 'need' any particular design, so I've tried to impose an 'only buy scarves at the sale' rule. (Doesn't always work, but I'm remaining hopeful.;))
  12. Hi Pugsy! Happy Anniversary Charles! :heart:
  13. Oh! The scarf! Chanel, I think it's a lovely scarf, I have to admit (and the ladies here can confirm) I'm a neutral girl. Not much color in my wardrobe (much to SO's dislike :P) but I think the TB will match anything! I hope you love it when it arrives.
  14. Morning Lala! (and thank you :heart:)
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