Hermes Chat Thread

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  1. Continued from the previous thread.
  2. Well, we filled up another chat thread!:nuts:
  3. cr*p, pug notes spanning two threads... :biggrin:

    Yes, I tried putting him in the condo. 2 main reasons it didn't work. 1) SOB didn't bring a car (and wouldn't) 2) It was supposed to close in Jan, but fell through 2 days before, so I already had moved furniture I wanted here and sold all others. So it's empty. And the spoiled lil sh*t wouldn't buy furniture.... So. :shame: Pugsy's thought of that....
  4. Good Morning Everybody!!!!! :nuts:

    WOW, gone for an afternoon and evening and miss 'everything'!!!!! :biggrin:

    I just spent 25 minutes catching up and then noticed the thread was closed!!!! I was so worried what page this thread was up to!!! LOL:P
  5. On to happier topics, really. :party:

    Wait, lil_fashionista, iirc, one of your first postings was before a wedding... you said DH.... are congrats in order????? :nuts:
  6. EH :heart:

  7. Naw, that wedding wasn't mine. Me and DH have been married for about 8 months now.
  8. Everyone run away? :shame:
  9. Pugs-I was sure you'd thought of it and there were reasons why it wasn't suitable.:flowers:
  10. Ok, well still, many congratulations :biggrin:
  11. Thanks calicocat - it's a little better. I went back to bed around 8 this morning and just got up. I really can't figure what brought it on.

    Coffee? Did someone say coffee? :nuts:

    I had about a pot when I got up this am, but now I need more. <Heading to Margie's house for cake and coffee - bringing my own icing!>
  12. That is so weird, I missed the final page of the old chat so I missed first part of the condo action. Pugsy, is SOB spending his vacation with you during the summer, or interning in your city?
  13. Say, IL, you ever tried steroids? Seriously, when I get a headache that either won't respond to my usual meds or that keeps coming back, I take about 10 mg of Deltasone, and that seems to break the cycle (I'm guessing because my headaches are related to vascular swelling and steroids are major anti-inflammatories). Anyhow, you know how we totally unqualified people just love giving medical advice. :P
  14. EH, interning at SO's building. So working with SO. That's why he didn't bring a car and the family thought he didn't need one... Carpools with SO.

    Anywho. I need to run away :shame:

    Have a wonderful day ladies :wlae:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.