Hermes Charms

  1. They are really cute and was wondering if they are easy to attach to most bags, provided they have hardware (the handbags that is) that easily fit the charms. The sterling silver chain looks complex from pictures I have seen. Also, any eBayer's that you would suggest? TIA:idea:
  2. :crybaby:help?
  3. I have no idea . . . just wanted to bump your thread
  4. Thank you:flowers:
  5. they are pretty easy to attach, but be sure you have tightly screwed them on so they don't fall off, timeless pieces usually has some although their prices are very high. myampie is good, if i think of more i will post them for you.
  6. They are very easy to attach, don´t worry about that! There are many ebayers that are recommended in the shopping section.
  7. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Both the ones with the leather Charm and Silver Chain as well as the Cadenas are easy to attach.

    The screw-on ones tend to be easier that the spring ones like the Pegasus. On a bag with lock and Key (Kelly, HAC, Birkin), you can attach the Cadenas to the leather strap other than the Hardware. ;)
  9. PinkSuade, I love the charms....even tho they usually end up in boxes more often than they do on my bags. I find, tho, that my Kellys seem to wear them more often than the Birkins.....but, yes, with the key clochette hanging on the front, that's also a great place to attach a charm.

    The Bolide with the side lock holder is another place to put a lock/charm and to me, the Bolide looks best of all wearing them.
  10. I love H charms...!

    Would anyone know how often H comes out with "new" ones?
  11. I can't seem to find any pretty charms presently. Does anyone know if Hermes is going to make new charms this year of the rabbit?
  12. the 2011 rabbit charm has different ears colour to the original rabbit charm..........:p
  13. Does anyone have pics to post?
  14. Are you talking about cadenas and/or the leather charms with the chains? If you are talking about rabbits, I would think they fall into the the leather charm category. The hang with the chain, around the strap of the bag. The cadenas, as the other posters mentioned, are either spring-loaded (smaller) or screw mechanisms. I have one that is a carousel. It screws on and the carousel moves. It is really cute. I understand that cadenas are not issued every year. Last year was a book and I never saw one, except in the book at the boutique. I was disappointed with it and never tried to order it.