Hermes Charm

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  1. Its amazing how Hermes forum seem to charm many many handbags addict from other designers.. Everyday visiting Hermes forum i realise there's a new "taste" transformation from being Chanel addict, LV addict, Balenciaga Hermes addict :love:

    Another issue is that when u r addicted to Chanel forexample u will still appreciate and seek LV and other brands.. BUT when u r addicted to Hermes u cant help but bow in appreciation of Hermes craftsman perfection and ONLY seek Hermes handbags :heart:

    Im really thankful for knowing Hermes from all wonderful ppl in this forum. Its such a joy that i can describe! Amazing!
  2. I second your sentiments pinkish. After owning Hermes, I can't look at anything else when it comes to bags, now bracelets, and perfumes, and well...scarves too! Nothing else really compares to H craftsmanship and quality, that's for sure! I'm a H fan for life :biggrin:
  3. I so agree!! I really "discovered" LV around three and a half years ago (although I've had LV bags since the 1980s, I hadn't yet been bitten by the bug). Two years ago, I "discovered" Hermes. I've probably sold 30 or 40 LVs in the past year as I just stopped wearing anything other than Hermes. I'm an H addict for life!
  4. How true Pinkish_love...once hooked, it's hooked for life. The man in nour lives all think it's a bane but what do they know <hehehe>
  5. ....and I thought this was a thread about CHARMS!!!! Oiy..........

    I'm in the same boat Ladies......sold off ALL my bags (except a select few....and I mean FEW) for Hermes and haven't looked back yet! When I purchased my first one, I also bought a scarf and that started yet another obsession! And now I'm on the hunt far and wide for the cadenas!!! Hermes is in my blood, that's for sure.......and since I'm already at the half-century mark, I have to think it's for LIFE!!!!!
  6. ^^LOL me too! I thought PL was on the hunt for a charm. I've parted with about 70% of my bags. I backslide now and then b/c carrying Hermes 24/7 isn't always practical for my lifestyle now, but everytime I leave an H-bag at home, I truly miss it. The good news is I've stopped dropping $$ on the trend du jour. I finally figured out how much money I was spending on those and how little the return was (i.e., satisfaction shelf-life=approx. 6 months for me). The bad news is well, the size of my H wish-list! :graucho:
  7. Same here! The biggest surprise to me though, I must admit, is finding out that I also love the bangles, the smaller leather items, the scarves, the perfume...I mean can they do nothing poorly??!!! Lol - just kidding...oh and don't let me forget the loafers I want now...thanks to NS! Although I do have a couple of LV bags still for those days as mentioned, when H just isn't right - weather or otherwise...Traci said it well while in Boston together after visiting the H store - saying she thought her LV was great until walking in there...and felt it was just not so great then...
  8. It's so true! I only have one Hermes bag so far and I find that I can't part with my LVs or Coach favorites but I always end up using something Hermes on my non-H bags. Like yesterday I put my Hippo cadena on a brown suede Coach bag and he looked so cute or I'll tie a pocket square on my LVs. Just having that little H something adds spice and character I think. :shrugs: I have my heart set on saving for the JPG Kelly clutch so I don't even bother looking at other stores now and we used to go to SF every weekend to look around. ;)
  9. Definitely same here!

    I had Fendi, LV, Chloe, Balenciaga, Chanel, etc, and realized that with all of the money i spent on these "trendy" bags that i could have a nice Hermes or 2! That blew my mind, as i always thought it was out of my price range.
    I sold EVERYTHING except a few LV's (some at quite a loss...) which i thought i NEEDED to keep because they were my staple bags.

    I got my first Kelly and it was all downhill (uphill???... lol) from there! There was NOTHING like the quality of an H bag! It looked brand new, and even my sister said "How on EARTH do you find a used bag that looks that GOOD?!"
    DH thought it was fake because it looked so sparkley new. lol.

    I totally stopped carrying my remaining LV bags and decided to sell for ANOTHER Kelly. :tender:

    THEN my LOVELY dear sweet hubby :love: decided to buy me the Vert Anis HAC as an early Christmas present. I will NEVER own another brand, now!
    (NOW DH says, "No, don't consider it a Christmas gift! There will be presents under the tree for you! You have to make me a list!" ... maybe an accessory? I would never DREAM of asking for another H bag!)

    THEN i got my first scarf... it's so so pretty, but i never thought i was a scarf person until i read up on ways to use your scarf on here, and today i'm wearing it "obi style" over a light sweater with tights and gauchos, and DH said it's "very cute". lol. So thank you all for the scarf ideas!
    Now i must have MORE MORE MORE!!!! :nuts:

    Every once and a while i'll peek at, but nothing at all catches my eye like Hermes.

    It's all H all the time!
  10. OMG!!! I am SO with you, pinkish! For me to come from being a true LV lover for the last 10 years and NOT even want to step my foot back into LV store is INSANE!!! But that is the case, my friends!!! I am an H_addict from now on!:wlae:I am not sure what it is about Hermes, but everything else pails in comparison (well, at leats to me it does!).
  11. I completely agree with you ladies. I was always so into whatever the "hot" bag was. I changed my bags every couple of days to go with my outfits. Now I find my blue jean evelyne goes with everything but saturday nights. FOr now, I am carrying chanel then...but I am hoping for a birkin in the next few years. There really is nothing like Hermes....:girlsigh: :love: :girlsigh:
  12. moviegirl and i were shopping at saks yesterday and i picked up this lovely designer bag (that moviegirl owns herself!) and said "isn't this nice??!" and u know what she replied "uh, put that back! we only do hermes now!" HAHAHAHAHA
  13. :roflmfao: Love it!!!!
  14. my SA once said after i first bought my kelly - you'll never stop at one bag (or 3, or 4, or 5 and so on.....). i decided it was going to be wise to give up the rest of the designer bags and focus on H bags. but lately, i've been loving goyard.....but it still doesn't compare to H bag.
  15. Orchids - I couldn't have said it better myself (so I won't even attempt it!). I've sold most of whatever other brands I own (with a few exceptions for practicality) to make room for my Hermes love...