Hermes Charlotte

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  1. Anybody been to the semi-new Hermes boutique in Charlotte, NC?
    just there Saturday bought the Obladi bracelet.
    love the store.
  2. Yes, I was there in February and loved it!!!
  3. =P the SA's are amazing there
    im so definately going to have to go back soon and buy another little item, whether it be a tie or another bracelet. lol.
  4. Congrats!!!

    I have not been there physically, but have in spirit...and yes...every single SA there is amazing. They have a great team there!!!
  5. Congrats on the new bracelet! Glad to hear you had a wonderful experience at the Charlotte store!
  6. I've been there about two or three times. Love the store. I really like Jason. He's great to work with.
  7. I try to stop by every two-three weeks, when I have time! :yes: Jason is such a sweetie! ^_^
  8. So far.... I think Charlotte is my favorite store. A delightful experience all around!
  9. i go every week or so :blush:

    last week i was in nyc at the madison hermes store. the charlotte SAs told me when i went to see them late last week that they were wondering where i had been lately. when i told them nyc, they joked that i was "cheating" on them. :biggrin: they are a GREAT/FUN bunch!
  10. Please, can anyone tell me the hours the Charlotte store is open during the week?? I'm thinking specifically of this Wednesday and Thursday.....the 11th and 12th....

    Thank you!!
  11. 10 to 6, Susi.
  12. I'm in UK but I ordered a plum Turandot scarf from them recently and they were fantastic. I dealt with Darra who was incredibly sweet.
  13. I also have dealt with Darra by phone and she was beyond wonderful!
  14. I've been in the Charlotte store just a few times and have been treated nicely each time--they are a great group. Jason is my favorite as well. The only other Hermes I've visited is the Chicago store; it was ok, but not as friendly.
  15. I was there two weeks ago - the SA's are amazing and try very hard to please. Very impressive.:tup: