Hermes - Charlotte opening!


Nov 9, 2005
Congrats. And if you paid for yours first then you were the very first customer. Yeah!! Love your bag. You are so lucky and thanks for the heads up M.


Mar 9, 2006
23 do realize you are going to be in high demand for information!!! We really appreciate you!


Aug 26, 2006
North Carolina
pigleto-congratulations on your new bag! And I'm so happy to hear you had a good experience there. I will be up there as soon as I can manage it. All the bags will probably be gone and there will be waiting list, but I can buy scarves or other things!


Nov 8, 2006
Congrats Piglet! Tell us more!! Were there lots of people buying stuff? What else did you see? Were people lined up for the bags?

They won't ship :cursing: .


Oct 6, 2006
bf, OH NO! i'm sorry, i can't believe they won't ship! i forgot to ask when i was there, i think other stores ship.

when i was in the store, there were about 15 people there and what seemed like a lot of SAs. the SA i was with said there were managers out on the floor due to the first day.

no party, alas, no champagne or anything. that's ok, because once they opened the door, we went in likety split.

the store is not very wide. when you walk in, the bags are on shelves on the left wall. the scarves/belts/bracelets are to the right. there is a shelf to the right of the bags that houses the agendas. to the left are the wallets. there is a cute display of keychains, i think i saw some grapes ? keychains hanging. further down is the ready to wear. they had a few jackets, and some clothes on either side as well as blankets and that cute little hermes horse with the orange ribbons. the very back has the menswear with ties and whatnot. (i actually didn't go back there).

believe it or not, no line for the bags. i was there maybe 30 minutes and there were only a few people looking at the bags. others mostly disappeared into the back (i didn't make it that far! :lol:) or hung out to look at the scarves. there were two people who got scarves in line ahead of me. the lady who got the rouge H 35 birkin was still shopping (would that i could, but one bag/hermes item is it for me today and for awhile!).

they had a golf bag and scarf in the left windo and a mannequin wearing a poncho and plaid skirt holding the flat kelly. i was so excited about my birkin that i forgot to ask about the flat kelly bags. they had a couple of bolides out in gold and orange, as well as a cute 25 cm lizard kelly in fuschia, i think. the store is longer than wide, and is very light inside...supposedly more modern feeling than other stores i've been in. SCP hermes and las vegas are more "dark" but the charlotte store has a lot of light, and a lot of glass.

the upshot is, i was surprised that there weren't more ladies looking at the bags, and i was surprised i didn't have to get in line to look at them. i just found an SA and asked about the kelly/birkin bags. easiest transaction in a hermes store, ever! everyone was really excited and friendly.

i saw the collier de chien bracelet in a case with some other H bracelets. i think the color of it was brown (gold maybe? still not quite up to speed with the colors). they brought out initially what they thought was a 30 chocolate but it turned out to be an apple green 30 birkin. it was neat to see the boxes all shrink wrapped before they popped them open (i made them open at least three).

boxermom, i wouldn't be surprised since they won't ship, if they still have birkins for quite awhile. i think the opening was done under so little fanfare that maybe a lot of people didn't know it was open. i would not be surprised if there were a birkin or two on the shelf for quite some time. there are a lot of folks in charlotte who know about hermes but not many who actually would consider buying the bags. i mean a lot of people bypassed the bag counter. my SA, her name is chrissy, i think, said she thought the classic colored birkins would be gone by the end of the day.

thanks for your well wishes everyone! i'm so bummed they don't ship! i was looking forward to visiting regularly and posting what they have to help other people out! i wonder if it's going to be like that forever or just for today?

would love to hear from M how the day went from his perspective. i wonder if i saw him? i didn't want to go around and ask who was posting on the forum in front of everyone :biggrin:
Oct 12, 2006
Pigleto: Wow, congratulations on your beautiful bag and thanks for the report. I'm about an hour and a half away from there and must make myself make the trip. I was thinking of going after Christmas, perhaps.


Oct 6, 2006
thanks everyone! :smile:

i saw on the 32 kelly they have a new dustbag (instead of the orange one, which i have) it's tan and has a "pattern" on it, kind of like herringbone. the SA said it was new. has anyone else seen it? i like the orange, meself.


Sep 1, 2006
Pigleto, Big Congratulations! Your Birkin is beautiful!

We're going to try to get to Charlotte one day soon. I used to live near's that for you. I move away, and they open an Hermes:shame: