Hermès, charity, friends and bags galore! What a wonderful day!

  1. Today was the day of Hermès, charity, friends and bags galore. I met a couple of friends from tpf and some other friends of mine to attend the Hermès charity luncheon. It was to benefit a local charity helping underpriviledged families in the region. :tup:

    There were about 100 people who attended, all women except for one man (the store manager) and it was a great opportunity to network with other professional women. Since I arrived before my friends, the store manager introduced me to Veronique Gautier, the CEO of the Leather Department and Perfume Department who came from Paris. She was a very pleasant person and very approachable. She confirmed that they do not really discontinue leathers ... rather, just give them a rest. I also asked her about colors and she said that they work with about 300 colors ... impressive! She had on an etoupe Lindy and a very chic necklace with grey/black vibrato. I am not a huge fan of vibrato, but her necklace was gorgeous! I also met the PR Director of Hermès Switzerland and she was also a lovely person.

    Veronique also had a brief presentation on Hermès craftsmanship. There was an artistic video on how a craftsman makes a bag ... in this case, an ostrich Kelly. She also described the concept of "time" and that at Hermès, it is very different from other brands that there is this "time" element (I took this as her way of saying WAITLIST!). She said it's because they are not interested in making a bag only for one season, but rather bags that are timeless.

    The tables were arranged with the names of bags and that was kind of cute. They also placed this huge Hermès table linen that looked like a giant "Vif Argent" scarf in the orange/brown colorway. I asked if I could have one since I bought a new dining table, but alas, the answer was they have to bring it back to the warehouse! Arghh! We also got a small bottle of Kelly Caleche as gift.

    As for the bags, we saw Birkins and Kellies but mostly in the darker colors such as black, brown, rouge H. There was also a barenia/toile Birkin and etoupe swift. Most of the women were elegantly dressed and I guess our group was one of the "youngest"! Man, they really need to have more babies in Europe! Good thing a couple of my friends recently got babies to replace this ever aging population.

    Afterwards, we went to the boutique where we met the store manager and Veronique once again. We tried on a couple of bags ... vermillion Kelly, swift/toile Kelly and I fell in love with the parchemain Lindy! Veronique explained to me how she carries her Lindy and how practical it was. The parchemain Lindy was really gorgeous :yes: ... but it stayed in the shop! :crybaby: We also had a look at many, many scarves!

    Sorry for the long post, but it was a really fun day! :smile: Oh, how I would love to work for Hermès ... maybe I should ask Veronique for a job lol!
  2. Wow what a great event. That is a special treat
  3. Thanks for sharing.

    Any news on the Barenia
  4. Lovely description of an obviously lovely time. Thank you LaVan!!
  5. I didn't particularly ask, but this summer I saw natural barenia/toile Birkins on display in two boutiques (one in each). They both had palladium hardware.
  6. good to hear you had a fab time thanks for sharing :smile::heart:
  7. You would be a wonderful addition to the Hermes staff!
  8. I can totally relate to your story LaVan... recently i went to the reopening of Hermes Bern Switzerland and my friends and I were the youngest of the bunch. Europe definitely needs to make more babies!
    Im glad you had a great time thank you for sharing your experience.
    Btw i just say the lindy in gold and its really gorgeous. The parchement must be equally lovely.
  9. ^^ Thanks! Yeap, I think I was really one of the youngest there ... and I'm not even that young anymore lol!

    I was part of the "Honorary Committee" so it was quite cool to have my name printed on the Hermès invitation that was sent out. Of course I saved one as souvenir lol!
  10. what a wonderful time...thanks for sharing!!
  11. that was wonderful lavan! no pics???
  12. ^^ Hah! You know what, I forgot to bring a camera and none of my friends had one too! Dang! There was an official photographer and I hope I'm in one of the photos lol!
  13. What a wonderful day you must have had! Thank you for sharing.
  14. thank you for sharing this wonderful event w/ us, lavan! glad you had a great time!
  15. Sounds like a wonderful event. Thank you for sharing!