Hermes, Celebrity & Me

  1. Calling all PAPARAZZIS... :yahoo:

    Do you find yourself constantly running into celebrities when you are out and about? In the most random places? Well, this is the perfect thread for you!

    Whether you sight someone on the A, B, C, D-list or even a Hasbeen. :supacool: It really doesn't matter cuz this thread is dedicated to ANY photos of you with your gorgeous Hermes bag and a celebrity.

    Don't be shy, snap a pic, and post it here! :blush:

    Happy Sightings!!:yahoo:
  2. I only have one if you consider them a celeb they are famous in my country, I dont really want to post it because I'm looking to get a job with them and if they see it I will look like a mad fan (which Im not) it could jeopardize that chance.
  3. Dear Ms. A:

    NO, not even 1 time when I was at the BH store that I see even 1 star??? Maybe I was too busy looking around the store and NOT pay attention to other clients (stars)?!
  4. ^ well I on the other hand have met a range of celebs (most are only known within the country) but i could give you a few stories on their attotude. Aussie soap stars can be PITA's its like "Hello? you've paid to pretend to act!" I never ask for photos you have to be international for me to care, and those are mostly sent to them no real in person contact.
  5. I haven't met a celebrity at my store yet, but you can be sure that if I do, I won't be paying them the least bit attention. Too many more interesting things there! ;)
  6. Martha Stewart at H on Madison Ave.!! LOVE HER!!
  7. After my acquisition of JPG Birkin 42cm Ebene Clemence, I ran into pop singer Brandy at the Burbank Airport. Asked her if she would mine taking a photo with me. She asked if I had my camera ready and added that "she would normally mind." I would post the photo, but Mr. JPG didn't make it into the photo except the handles. How could I ask her friend to retake the photo after that comment?! :nuts: :tdown:
  8. I took this of Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova leaving Barneys NY in Beverly Hills on 5/01/07 on my cell. Anna is carrying a JPG Birkin 42cm Noir Clemence.
    tpf-enrique iglesias & anna kournikova.jpg
  9. I Am Enjoying This Alot!
  10. OMG, she's super skinny now. No more (tennis) muscles, I guess.

    I do occasionally see some celebs at my boutique but I felt quite awful to taking their picture. They seem to favor their privacy. But recently relinquishing my camera phone has permanently solved that option.
  11. My sightings at H NYC:
    Mariska Hargitay
    Mr. Chow
    Josie Natori
    Linda Evangelista
    A few other minor artists and designers whose names I've forgotten.

    No pictures, sorry, I was in the store after all.
  12. I have seen David Gan, Sg's most famous celebrity hairstylist at our store, he was looking for a gift. Saw a radio personality too, I know the voice, but not the name of the owner.
  13. saw carmen electra at robertson blvd. in kitson. then, the ff week her picture was in US weekly magazine with dh in the background.......
  14. That's so cool! I love her! :heart:
  15. DH and i were in vegas.....i had just bought my first kelly. we were at the airport heading to our gate when lo and behold...hunky brad pitt was like 3 ft away from me! i had BJ kelly in hand....brad was filming the last scene for ocean's 13 (he was sitting at the slot machines). i don't know what was better....buying my first kelly or seeing pitt in person!!