Hermes CDC sent USPS Express never arrived, need help with Claim!

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    I bought an Hermes CDC about a month ago for $1800.00 in a private sale, and paid through Paypal.
    The seller sent the package USPS Express Mail on June 4th, with full insurance.
    The USPS tracking showed it was in NYC, then it was never updated after that.
    The PO told the seller the package had been lost, and that she should file a claim.
    The seller refunded me $900.00 right away, and I am waiting for the other half.
    I think I am going to file a claim with Paypal just to be safe before the 45 day time period passes....I have told her I may file....NOT because I do not trust her....but because I have been burned in the past for being too trusting.
    I am not writing this because I have not received the other half of the money, I believe she will pay me in the near future.....I am writing this to try and get help with her claim with USPS.

    The seller has filed a claim, and on June 21st she got a letter from the Post Office that said the claim was denied, and she has 30 days to give proof of the value of the CDC that was in the package.
    This is from the seller " ...apparently the copies that I sent (receipt and PayPal invoice) were not sufficient. "
    I believe the receipt the seller was referring to was the Paypal receipt, NOT the receipt from the Hermes boutique, because she has told me she is still looking for that.
    The seller was the original owner of the CDC.

    I offered to help her with the claim....and I am looking for advice.

    Has anyone successfully had a claim settled with the PO?
    If so, what does the seller need to send the PO as proof that the item was worth $1800.00??
    If she cannot find the original Hermes reciept, are we out of luck? I believe the original price of the CDC was more than 1800.00.
    The proof that I paid her $1800.00 on Paypal for the CDC is not sufficient.

    Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. I'm cranky, so sorry if this sounds grumpy...but quit communicating with the seller!! FILE WITH PAYPAL! Seller is required to send the item with signature confirmation. Period.

    You don't need to help her. File INR, seller must provide proof. If she can't, then you are refunded. If the item shows up, you either refuse it and it's returned, or let the seller know and re-issue payment.
  3. I think the OP said that she was going to file a claim w/PP just to make sure her bases were covered, but that she is helping the seller out (to be nice) to make sure that neither are out the item/money.

    OP -- did the PO say why they wouldn't accept the receipt for the item? Surely this shows your address, which would match the address that she sent the package to. Did they say what they would accept?
  4. What is with NY & CDCs? I had a CDC 'disappear' tracking wise after reaching NY for 3 weeks. Luckily id did eventually get delivered. Was it exotic? Mine was. Are they 100% sure it is lost?
  5. Phred, I decided to would try and help her get her claim settled by USPS, although of course I know I don't have to....I just feel badly that she is going through this.
    The seller has a young daughter and works full time....I have time on my hands to hound the PO and figured the least I could do was make a few phone calls on her behalf.
    Iris, the letter said, "The evidence of value presented is not acceptable. Please provide the completed Paypal transaction details as proof"
    But as far as I understand it, she DID provide the Paypal details.

    I guess I was just wondering if anyone here has had a claim settled with the Post Office, with just the Paypal transaction details only as proof.....or did the USPS require the original receipt of sale of the item?

    Lola, I am sorry you lost a CDC also!
    This one was an exotic too. The PO finally admitted it was lost after no change in tracking after 2 weeks....then they suggested the seller file a claim.
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    I am sorry this happened to you.

    If you insure something you have to have a receipt to show that that amount is what you paid, and you have to be able to show the boutique receipt. It is the original boutique price AND receipt that is of importance.

    I am currently fighting the Swedish PO in an authority called ARN in Sweden (kind of financial ombudsman) for the exact same thing. I have gotten the amount I paid originally but NOT what it sold for. It´s a long story but since royal mail failed to execute a service I paid for I argue that they owe me the full amount.

    Good luck, and I don´t see anything wrong with trying to be nice to the person who sold it to you.

    The difference between your case and mine is that my package actually was delivered. That is the basis of my claim.

    Edit. tell your seller that she can use a bank draft where it shows that she bought something from Hermès. They should be able to accept that if she cannot find her receipt.
  7. This is an interesting thread and not trying to hijack it... but you are saying (for example) that if you have a vintage Rolex that had been in your family for a few decades (so no receipt) that if you ship USPS and insure it for 2k, and it gets lost, your claim will not be paid?
  8. Can she go to the Hermes boutique and ask for a copy of her original receipt?
  9. I don't understand this either. Who decides what a thing is worth? I wasn't even aware that you had to provide anything since you paid for insurance. Shouldn't that be enough.
  10. Yes. You have to show the original receipt and that is what they will pay you. At least that is my understanding.
  11. No, you have to show the original receipt. If they didn´t have that rule people could send all kinds of junk and claim the value was 2K. Although they never bought anything for that amount.
  12. True, but the person still has to pay for insurance and the package has to disappear for the person to get anything back. I think the inconvenience of this should be enough.
  13. Well, seeing what is happening with me at the moment it seems as if alot of scammers know how to work the system. Not signing when a signature is paid for = package lost according to the PO even if full tracking to point of delivery is available. If the scammer signs a "realease form" they will be able to receive packages without having to sign them.
  14. If the scammers know how to work the system then the PO needs to step up their internal rules and regulations. It shouldn't be the senders fault if the mail man doesn't take the signature. I personally also feel like the receiver should ID them self each time before getting the package.

    PS: I don't know what a release form
  15. I agree 100%. Try arguing with the Post Office, it is not fruitful, I have tried.

    A release form is a piece of paper you sign at your post office which will allow the mail man to deliver your packages even if you aren´t at home to sign for them. By signing such a form you give him permission to deliver them regardless of it you´re at home, and you take full responsability should the package be lost. I suspect that´s how my scammer got her package without having to sign. This is devastating.

    If you have that arrangement you will win an item not received claim every time since you never had to sign. No matter what. PP will give you your money back and go after the seller even if they bought signature confirmation.
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