Hermès CDC in box leather vs epsom

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  1. Hello All,
    For a CDC, which one would you advise - black box leather with gold hardware or black epsom leather with rose gold hardware?
    I am so confused.

  2. Both are equally good
    Grab them
  3. OMG glad to find this thread was just offered Box vs alligator...so confusing...
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  4. I prefer to Box. Shiny leather vs muted leather
  5. Box. Love shiny. Also feels a tiny bit lighter than epsom.
  6. I was offered box Kelly dog bracelet I turned it down. Did I do something bad
  7. On the contrary, you probably did something really good and left it for someone else to snatch up. Well done! In my own experience, if something is exactly right, there is no hesitation.
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  8. You can't go wrong either way. I'd go for the rose gold, personally. But I like rose gold a lot and own several pieces of jewelry that are rose.
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  9. Would you prefer box rhw / Epsom ghw? Are neither combos not quite right for you? Then just wait for the right one, there are lots of CDCs around ATM.

    If you're thinking about the performance of the leather, they are both really good and strong for CDCs.
  10. I heard box leather blisters if gets wet, Lizard can dry out and peel, epsom can’t be fixed if it gets damaged. I am confused as to what leather to get.
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  11. Epsom would have a hard time getting damaged.

    Box just needs wiping straight away if wet. It's more a problem with droplets that are allowed to stay. Since most people move their arms around automatically it's not such a problem. You may want to take it off if throughly washing your hands or washing a cup etc. Much more a problem with shiny croc.

    Lizard I've worn in the rain (hinged bracelet not CDC) and just wiped it down. It's fine. It would have to be damp in storage for the scales to start lifting. No one should put their CDCs away damp anyway. In fact leave them out overnight after use or just use a dust bag to store if worried. The ombre colour will yellow in time but that's also natural any dyed colour shoudn't have this problem.
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  12. Thank you.
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  13. I have a black box RGHW CDC that I wear a ton and it doesn't even have scratches. I'd go box in a heartbeat. I wouldn't shower with it on but it's actually quite a hardy leather for a CDC.
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