Hermes catalogue from Japan

  1. I was at the store today and had a glance of the 'catalogue' which is obviously from Japan, since Hermes does not have its own catalogue. Where can I get a copy?
  2. Good question. A member would post pages from a mag full of different Hermes bags / access. I've asked but no response. So, if anyone can answer, I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. MrsS, you will also find them in Books Kinokuniya (Ngee Ann City / Parco Bugis Junction) - at the Japanese magazines section. Right now they only have the small handy catalog - the one that golconda posted.

    I used to buy those full sized lookbooks from 2004 & 2005 but I think they're sold out now.
  4. I just received mine this week from a seller on ebay and it is quite useful.
  5. These catalogs (and Japanese Super Collections) are so useful (and fun to read) that I gave one to my store manager as a present. She loves it as it gives her an opportunity to see older styles of bags and accessories that she wouldn't ordinarily have the chance to see.
  6. I wish they were easier to come by for us Stateside gals
  7. Actually, I haven't seen the full sized books at the book stores here in Japan.:sad: :sad: Any guidance would be appreciated.
  8. Hi Tokyogirl, here are pics of the covers of the full sized lookbooks that I have, but I can't find any ISBN numbers on them...maybe you could show them to the book stores in Japan & ask whether they stock these ?

    I buy them at the Books Kinokuniya bookstore in SG.




  9. gigi, thanks so much for posting these photos! I have never seen these books here! (Keep in mind that my Hermes obsession started earlier this year so my hunt has been limited to the last several months).

    I will definitely take a look again armed with the knowledge of what the book looks like. Whenever I go to the bookstores, I only see the little pocket guide..

    Maybe they sell out fast here?!

    in any event, I will continue my search.
  10. You're most welcome, Tokyogirl! :flowers: Just wanna add that if you just wanna get one lookbook, get the one with the orange/potiron Birkin (1st pic) - that one is awesome! 190 pages - worth every penny.
  11. Thanks, Gigi. I can't wait to see the 2006/2007 book! Wonder when it will be released.
  12. These seem to have become scarce on eBay these days; a few years ago, there were so many. I have a multi-brand one from a few years back and it was so helpful in giving to my SA to describe the exact color I wanted. Another source is desiremall on eBay. I ordered the pocket-sized one via eBay and the 2005 book from their site last week--still waiting for them to arrive....they have excellent feedback on eBay so I'm not too worried and they're coming from HK so we'll see how long it will take to get here.
  13. I'm hoping to find a catalogue or two while I'm in HK and Japan. I'll let you know if I find anything. I have the orange Birkin one and it is awesome!
  14. so, tell me more about the catalog : i have a couple at home given by a friend from asia - are these real goods (not fake?) ? and do you use this catalog to order? are these catalog by a particular japanese reseller?

    obviously i can't read them and i don't know what to do but doubt i wrong for thinking this?