Hermes Catalog- Inclusive Information Thread

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  1. I was wondering what you all think of an idea for a thread where we can post all the information we can pool together regarding Hermes. I thought it would be great if we could have info. regarding colors, textures, pictures of bags, and anything else that would give us a visual of Hermes bags.
    I find it very tough to gather info. about Birkins for example and spend so much time in and out of these posts, asking members questions, and going to ebay and such. I thought we could all start adding pictures we have collected and any info. we have.
    There was a thread I started earlier that said "Hermes Knowledge" (I believe) and it seems to have gone over really well with everyone. Greentea was amazing with her Birkin 101 and I think we could pull something together all in one thread that we could continually refer to in the future. What do you all think?
    Should we start it here?
  2. Great idea, but we already have this at the top with a sticky! :smile:
  3. I went back to look at the sticky, but it didn't seem to grab my attention as to what I thought we could pull together. I feel foolish if I am missing I am going back to look. Maybe it is all right there before my eyes and I can't see all the great info. Thanks for advising me. (again)
  4. We'll keep adding to that thread - I'll post some more 101s in a bit. :smile: