Hermes Cashmere shawl....

  1. So, today I was looking through Bazaar July issue (again...) and stopped cold on page 111 when I spotted a model carrying a brown croc birkin and wearing a fabulous chocolate cashmere shawl with fringe. :love:

    Immediately and without a second thought I called Jose at SF and lo and behold he HAD ONE! :blink:

    Before I high-tail it into the city to look at this beauty I was wondering if anyone has any H cashmere pieces? Specifically the shawls? I'd love some feedback since I'm really only familiar with their leather goods and silk scarves...:shame:

    thank you, guys....i think i'm officially addicted since i'm branching off now into other H territory....oiy.
  2. Hi Shopmom!! I'm still in Florida! I just purchased a 35 supple black Kelly with gold hardware and will have it shipped next week when I return home on Saturday. Please tell me about the shawl. Is it a solid color? I have been looking at the pattern cashmere large shawls and am not sure if it is too much color for me.
  3. Shopmom, I adore Hermes' cashmere/silk shawls! I don't wear them too often so I have only two (Chasse en Inde and Early America), but they are stunning, to say the least!
  4. shopmom: Is cashmere shawl like silk scarf, but it is just larger? Or,it is like cashmere sweater, which means it is thick and for winter... I saw very pretty one on website, but I could not tell if it is thck material for winter or it is the same as silk scarfs but just in a larger size...
  5. They are top quality, of course. Stunning!
    I think I'd just want a simple chocolate brown with no pattern - just like the one you're getting!! (ahh, you KNOW it's going home with you!)
  6. Hi guys.....I THINK I can post the link to the foto in a past thread that has the pic of the shawl I'm thinking about....

    It's the one on the model carrying the croc I THINK it's like a 3-4-ply cashmere in the solid pattern. I love the color and I love shawls and wear them a LOT in the Fall/Winter (and I always take one when I travel) but it's kind of expensive and I really want it to be worth it. You know?
  7. Greentea....:lol: :lol: :lol: I'm hopeless......
  8. You, chocolate shawl, Mizz Kelly.......I can picture this.
  9. Heeewww..I WANT ONE TOO!! It's gorgeous!!:heart: :heart: If you don't mind me much?:shame: I think they're around..$800usd, no? Get it, get it!:graucho: :biggrin:
  10. Isn't it fabulous? How can I resist especially since for some reason there was one just like it sitting there at the store! I was quoted a price of $880.00 and it's BIG! 27" wide x 70" long.

    What do you think? Is it worth it?
  11. you really want to know?
  12. For me, YES!!:love: It's beautiful and the quality will last a long time If you love it, it's worth it!:yes: :heart:
  13. no.....(heavy sigh) i already know.....ok....i'll go get the bloody thing........:oh:
  14.'s worth it 100%!! I have a LV shawl in brown and it was about $400 but it has LV written all over it and that bothers me. Hermes is pure Luxury!!
  15. LOL! Shopmom you crack me up! Go for it if it will make you happy! Anything in chocolate is going to be divine!

    Lovehermes! Let me know when you get back so we can make those plans!!!