Hermes cashmere scarf/shawl

  1. Hi ladies,

    If you are owners of Hermes cashmere scarves, where are your scarves made? Mine says made in scotland but I wonder if some are made in france or other countries.

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  2. Some are made in Nepal, some made in Italy.
    IMHO the finest are the ones made in Nepal
  3. i didn't know that they came from all over the world. nepal - are these the pashmina feeling ones?
  4. I received a Jungle Love Cashmere Shawl for Christmas (thanks to my DH!). It's 65% cashmere/35% silk and Made in France.

    Maybe different styles are made in different countries?

  5. I'd love to know which one you have. It's so interesting that the scarves are made in different places.
  6. I have the standard cashmere scarf with fringes at the end and the insignia embroidered at one end. It's a dark grey color - without any patterns. The size is approx 50"x70" or so...I'll need to go remeasure it to make sure. But it's the standard muffler that they sell.
  7. I don't know... You have me thinking. I'll check. I just assumed France....
  8. Mine is the heavy 100% cashmere with self fringe and it says it comes from Scotland.
  9. Can someone post some pics of these lovelies from bonnie Scotland?
  10. Yes, ones from Nepal are more like pashmina or shatoosh. One is called the ring shawl, will pass through a wedding ring.
  11. I have a new Fleurs et Plumes in light blue and it is made in France of cashmere and silk.

    BTW, do I need to worry about H20 getting on this?
  12. I'll make a small attempt. Everything that is 100% cashmere is from Scotland. I personally consider Soctland to be the best place for cashmere products as in scarves, throws, sweaters etc. Names like Pringle and Ballantyne comes to mind, Italian names aren't chopped liver either, I just prefer Scottish cashmere. Cashmere is sent to France from Scotland and is loomed in the mills with silk to take in the colors and that is for the 55"x55" 140x140cm cashmere shawl/scarf which is why the tag says Made in France. Hope this helps.
  13. My babies blankets from H are Made In Scotland. My cashmere/silk shawls are Made In France.
  14. how much do the cashmere shawls with fringe typically run?