Hermes cashmere coat

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  1. I am a shortie but with pretty long arms for my shortness! About 165cm so a lot shorter than you! I will try it on again soon to check out the sleeve!
  2. Thx much.
    Not for tall women, the shoulder/ bust flap design doesn’t sit well either on me. Hangs too high. Will exchange.
    Ladies, please any recommendations for a longer length coat design (available this season) that fits well on taller folks? I tend to prefer more simple classic styles. Thx in advance.
    I can ask my SA to order into store to try.
  3. Try this one, I think it would be lovely on you. I am a total shorty and can’t do it.
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  4. Thx will do!
    PS you are so not a total shorty, but one of the classiest and most stylish women on the forum :smile: I always look forward to your posts...
  5. Any chance have style name/ number/tag?
  6. Too sweet! I am so sorry but I didn’t snap the tag, I would have posted it for you if I did. This was at FSH.
  7. periogirl I think that coat would work on you if it was just a few inches shorter! Maybe H can alter it? I'm short as well and I've had brand name coats altered in store before to shorten them (not H, but doesn't hurt to ask!)
  8. Hi, I bought the black version of this coat and the info stated on my receipt :

    Manteau Espirit Peignoir Cashmere Double Face
    H990126DA (02 Noir)

    The grey is so lovely but I needed to replace my black coat. It still haunts me.
  9. Thank you yes I know. My SA was very kind and offered to pin it but I would rather not do so much for a coat I don’t really need as well. The entire thing is designed to be way too oversized for me even in 34. I rather wait for a coat which is closer to a good fit. Max Mara fits me off the rack and most Chanel is fine. :heart:
  10. Gorgeous, coat for life
  11. It looks pretty good actually! I think they are meant to be long nowadays...
  12. Thx all for your help, have my SA doing a search for the coat. Thx @ms piggy for the tag/information.
    H models are tall but stick thin so lesson learned is never buy without trying on.
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  13. Perhaps it doesn't come across so well in the photo. The shoulder seams are wrong, the sleeves are 15 cm too long and the coat is so oversized it adds a lot of bulk which I cannot carry off. The length is also the most unflattering for me. With this amount of work even the RTW manager thought better to pass. There is really no need for me to try so hard to buy a coat from Hermes.
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  14. I tried it on again and Sleeve length is perfect for me so I imagine if you are very tall, it may be a bit shorter? That said, I did get a size 34.
    Here’s a better pic showing the details better and showing the sleeves best I can.
    3F23C787-8375-4F77-8B94-00E96F4D5FE2.jpeg D6D3C8AD-E01C-42B6-9226-0E97AB25065E.jpeg
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  15. That’s a very good point.:biggrin: I would not be comfortable with that amount of alterations either. A little tweak is ok, but not major works. in the photo it looks pretty cool, but that’s photos for you and they can be misleading.