Hermes cashmere coat

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  1. I vote for the black one. I love the grey but don't like the proportion. The black one is stunning on you including the length IMHO.
  2. No, IMO
    You are wearing it with a boot so the proportion is different to your eye perhaps
    Have you tried it on with a flat or do you always intend to wear the jacket with a boot?
    I agree that the details of the jacket stand out & grey just seems to be so fresh going forward
    The length of the black seems to overwhelm you..but it's up to you as both are really
    wearable pieces

  3. I also vote for the grey. It is so much more special IMO!!

    I don’t think you look short. I actually think it’s the other way around. Showing more leg actually makes you look taller while a long coat can swallow you up (I prefer to keep my coat open when I wear very long coats for that reason). Of course that’s my personal opinion, you should always pick what you find the most pleasing to your own eyes!
  4. Thank you! I am going to go try it without the boots now. It’s really a toss up.
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  5. I love that the grey shows off the details of the coat, but that black is so elegant!
  6. Black! I don’t like how this coat makes unbalanced wheb its short. Just my opinion
  7. love the grey!! Would you mind sharing the price on it? Thanks!
  8. Black! It looks gorgeous on you! I also don’t like the proportions of the grey, although I agree the color is very eye-catching.
  9. Thanks everyone! Your comments really helped! I just pulled the trigger on the black just because I know I will wear it more. If the grey came in a long version I would have gotten that for sure. I was not completely sold on the length because I have other coats that length that I don’t wear as much because I find them neither here nor there.

    The grey (it’s actually a greenish grey) was about 8000 US.

    I think the black needs a pop of colour - thinking a sharp bag. Here it is with an anemone hat!

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  10. I think the longer coat is much more flattering.
  11. Another vote for the black. So elegant.
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  12. I think the thing with black is that it can be a challenge to photograph. The details on the coat were more apparent on the grey, which drew me to it but black is so much
    more practical.

    I have a black one that reverses to dark grey and I get so many compliments on it so I am sure yours is much more gorgeous than what can be captured in photos. Wear it in good health.
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  13. Actually that’s also quite true re black being hard to photograph. Will try to post a better pic later! Thanks again everyone!
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  14. Fr
  15. Another vote for the grey! I don't think it makes you look shorter at all!
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