Hermes cashmere coat

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  1. Hi all your fabulous ladies.

    I know this is essentially a bag forum but I would love to have a conversation about Hermes cashmere coats. Did a search in this forum and came up empty.

    Recently I tried on a Hermes double faced cashmere coat. It was essentially a simple, but amazing, coat with waist stitch detailing. The quality, cut and waist details were exquisite. It was light as a feather. I could see myself wearing this coat for many years, possibly till I am grey, and a piece that will complement various dress up and down styles. The thing is I will probably wear the coat for a maximum of 3x a year for a few days to 2 weeks each time, when I travel, as I live in a tropical region.

    It's a big investment, almost on par with their bags. I have read random comments that there are other brands which may be better value for money. Wanted to hear what your thoughts are, especially if a Hermes cashmere coat is worth purchasing. For some reason, I have it in my mind that a Hermes cashmere coat is a must-have.
  2. Hermes cashmere coat is amazing!!!!
    I believe Hermes cashmere coat is a must have! Im just waiting for the right design and colour atm. Also cashmere is breath-easy fabric, so it will be a great choice for someone living in tropical region. If you decided to aquire one, please post a picture for me :smile: good luck deciding!!!!
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  3. May I ask why you think an Hermes cashmere coat is a must have? I am very curious know as well because I have tried on many but none actually fitted me perfectly so I did not purchase.
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  4. I'm a lover of H clothing & especially their coats ( cashmere & leather)
    The quality is unsurpassed in addition to the coat being a timeless investment. It's distinctive & always remains stylish.
    The coat should fit & if it doesn't fit, it would not matter who designed the coat.
  5. I think everyone suits different styles. :smile:
    When i tried few double faced cashmere coat from Hermes, I fell in love with.
    Love how the design is so simple and subtle. Also as it is double faced cashmere I found it holds the shape well, at the same time its so light weight and smooth like a feather.
    However, while I was over thinking, I missed out on a coat I wished for last season.
    To me, it is a must-have item from Hermes RTW, hopefully I can find "the right one" soon. It is very personal opinion though.
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  6. Thank you for the reply! I am a fan of Hermes RTW but I do generally choose very under the radar pieces and wear them season after season. In this case, I have no idea who makes Hermes cashmere for their coats and as I said, so far the coats do not come in a size 32 for me and drastic alteration would be a waste, so no coat for now. I have pieces from Max Mara which really suit me and they are known for their cashmere coats.
  7. I also love max mara coat :heart:
  8. Hello, baghag, I have a few Hermes double-faced cashmere coats. I think they are truly amazing, and would highly recommend to you. The quality of Hermes cashmere coat is unsurpassed, in terms of warmth, softness, and lightweight. I found them very versatile, classy and can be dressed up and down.. I have been wearing my Hermes cashmere coats more often than my Chanel jackets nowadays. They are made of best quality cashmere. :smile:
  9. Thank you for sharing :heart::biggrin: Sounds so amazing!!! Would you mind sharing some action shots? I'm actually contemplating about getting either a Hermes or Loro Piana cashmere coat during my upcoming EU trip, and I just cannot decide!!!! Do you also have experience about Loro Piana coat? I do also want a timeless piece as I only have about 1 month every year to wear it since winter here is just not cold enough. Thanks!
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  10. #10 Mar 18, 2017
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2017
    Hello, I can share with you my action photos in long Rocabar cashmere coat and a short cashmere topcoat.
    In general, I find the long cashmere coat more fitting & dressy. The shorter topcoat can be loosely fit, but look casually elegant.
    You will want to try out the different coats in Hermes to see which style/cutting fits you the best. Overall, they are very understated yet luxurious. I do not favor Loro Piana's design enough to pull the 5k+ usd trigger. Sorry, I can't comment on LP.

    1.JPG 2.JPG
  11. Thank you!!! These coats look great on you!!!
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  12. I love cashmere and have several Loro Piana coats and sweaters and two Hermes cashmere coats... one is a sweater style jacket and one is the short gray Rocabar jacket from the recent autumn winter collection. Cashmere quality is excellent. It is the style which is the most important as well as the colour which determines how much you will wear and love the coat. I will add that I have been lucky as Loro Piana can be had on sale ;)
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  13. I love in a tropical country too and like yourself, i can only wear them when i travel which is only that few times each year. the cost per wear is ridiculously high =(
    That didn't quite stop me from investing in a Hermes coat >.< because the very vain me feels that even if its just for that few weeks in a year, i still need to look good regardless.

    I have Max mara cashmere coat too but i didn't quite like them now. In fact, i kinda regretted buying them. I know that they are very classic, well-made (that's why i bought them initially) But at the same time, they are also a little too common? I find that hermes coat has that extra oompphh especially when they have subtle design details on it. Plus, their cashmere feels softer than Max mara.

    Loro piana coats are really nice. I like those with touches of fur trim. But they come with an exorbitant price tag. So i haven't bought them yet. Maybe if i find them on sale.
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  14. I love Hermes cashmere coats, the quality is incredible. They are not meant to be hard wearing so even if you only wear them a couple of times a year, it's still worth it. The designs are timeless unlike say Celine which is very much a fashion item. I also love max Mara coats which are very hard wearing and better for daily use.
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  15. I also have the short gray Rocabar jacket from recent autumn winter collection. I love its stylish yet timeless design. :smile:
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