Hermes & Carry-Ons

  1. I'm sure by now everyone has heard about the more stringent regulations on traveling abroad. What would you ladies do if you travel overseas and bought a Hermes bag oversea? Would you hand-carry it back to the U.S. or would you mail it back?

    I would most likely hand-carry the bag back and just mail back the box or check-in the box.
  2. i don't think there are size restrictions from anywhere but the uk, restrictions are only on liquids and gels. the plastic bag rule has been lifted from today except from heathrow and gatwick where it's lifted tomorrow.

    but yes, i'd hand carry it back.
  3. hand carry it back if possible.
  4. Hand-carry if possible.

    After this incident, I'll try to avoid using my H bags on planes. Right now, they're only going on train rides for the moment!
  5. i would chuck the box and hand-carry it.
  6. That baby would be sitting on my lap the entire trip! Don't need the box.....just the bag!!!!!
  7. Hand carry it and ship back the box.
  8. I'd just ditch the box. Although I do love the orange boxes, I am starting to run out of storage space for them anyway. I need a Baggaholic or LaVan-type room!!!