Hermes card holders

  1. Does anyone know the different types of card holders?
    Thanks :biggrin:
  2. There are a couple on ebay right now. These can be pricey, more so relatively than the agendas. They hav one that flips open, then one that's more of an empty space to store cards. I don't know the names...
    I thought about getting one until you mentioned that the Bearn has some extra slots. I think I'll just use those.
  3. Thanks Greentea.

    I'll have a look. My husband is asking me for a small "wish list" in case he want to possibly give me a present. I told him I want a cardholder in ostrich in either mediterranean blue, turquoise, vert anis, or fuschia (to match my bag) :biggrin:

    Though he said I shouldn't expect it next month. I told him that maybe they don't even have it at the store and he still has to order it :amuse:
  4. What a great husband! Does he know about the Birkin you have on order? hehe!!
    BTW, the Med blue is called Thalassa. It's beautiful!
  5. Yeap, he knows about the Birkin I ordered.

    Ooh, I'm curious now about the Thalassa.