Hermes card holders


Feb 28, 2006
There are a couple on ebay right now. These can be pricey, more so relatively than the agendas. They hav one that flips open, then one that's more of an empty space to store cards. I don't know the names...
I thought about getting one until you mentioned that the Bearn has some extra slots. I think I'll just use those.

La Vanguardia

Dec 21, 2005
Thanks Greentea.

I'll have a look. My husband is asking me for a small "wish list" in case he want to possibly give me a present. I told him I want a cardholder in ostrich in either mediterranean blue, turquoise, vert anis, or fuschia (to match my bag) :biggrin:

Though he said I shouldn't expect it next month. I told him that maybe they don't even have it at the store and he still has to order it :amuse:


Aug 17, 2021
Hello everyone, this is my first thread and was hoping I could get some insight.

Those who have Hermes card holders: Calvi, 3/4/8CC, Kelly Compact, Constance Compact/Slim wallets… how much do you love them? Any pros and cons?

I am personally looking for a 4CC and I don’t know if this is a hard to get item. I see the 3 and 8CC on the UK website regularly but hardly ever a 4CC. (Haven’t been able to go in store just yet).

The reason why I like the sound of the 4CC is that my cards are visible and I can just slide it out like a goyard wallet. I feel like the Calvi I would have to sort through the cards to find the one I’m after.

I haven’t been able to find much information online: blogs/YouTube and I couldn’t find a thread dedicated to Hermes SLG/Wallets. I would really appreciate some feedback to open my mind on this!


May 15, 2020
I have the city cardholder 3cc and love it. I usually carry 7-8 cards in it. I think it’s the perfect size. I found the 4cc a bit too wide to handhold. I don’t have a calvi for the same reason you mentioned. I just use a bastia if I need to carry cash or coins.