Hermes Cancun, Mexico


Apr 1, 2013
Has anyone been there? Any advice? Best day or time to go? SA recommendations?
OK, I’m answering my own question. I’m happy to report I visited the Cancun Hermes store in the Luxury Mall today, it was very, very nice. Small, but surprisingly well stocked. There were home goods. Lots of scarves, great selection of shoes, very good selection of bags. I saw gold 31 Bolide GHW, Herbag, Lindy, special edition GP, Jiges, Medor RGHW, even gorgeous blue croc Medor and croc wallet. Evelyn sellier, and more. So many I forgot to ask about Birkin or Kelly (they probably have, cause they seemed to have really nice stock). Also nice selection of jewelry. A few bathing suits, pareos, other clothing. Not as much as a flagship store. But much much more than an airport store. Security at door. I only saw one SA, Alex, on the floor, and he was really nice and helpful. I only bought a mousseline that I’ve been looking for that my home store didn't have. Mall is small, but again, very nice. Not a lot of shoppers, but lovely stores and lots of security.
Hermes prices were very similar to current US prices. Some items a few dollars more, some a few dollars less, but very similar. Their prices include Mexican taxes, but you can get back 8%.
If you’re ever in Cancun and can tear yourself away from the beautiful beaches, you could enjoy a nice visit to Hermes.