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  1. 64524837-B594-4744-B175-38924C3B17C6.jpeg 1D0A0EA7-A040-48F9-AF6D-4F64D41BA9DE.jpeg Not mine:crybaby: (1934 vintage)
  2. Look at their cute little faces! Thanks for sharing MB!
  3. 16647E8D-7248-48E7-A2E6-1B9C6A40534E.jpeg Not mine, but it lights up a cloudy day.
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  4. Thank you again, Madame Bijoux for sharing your lovely photos with us! I always look forward to them!!
  5. A718ED0C-2BCA-408D-A3A0-8C4C169247C3.jpeg A04571D6-0FF1-4238-BC63-950568370B73.jpeg A56F9037-6C09-4AEB-9969-C2BBBB46F88F.jpeg Enjoying the view (60th floor) at the Sky High restaurant in Philadelphia’s new Comcast Tower.
  6. Love your pictures, always a treat. LOL, The first one gave me vertigo when I looked at it, then read your note about the subject and my brain re-set. :whut: Do Comcast customers get any perks........:happydance:Just curious, what was the noise level with all that open space?
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  7. Many thanks! The noise level isn’t bad at all. Unfortunately, there are no perks for Comcast customers.
  8. :wave:
    The food is very good, and the prices are more reasonable than I thought they would be.
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  9. I thought they were poodles.
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  10. 7CF49B9C-83B4-4D82-BEB9-8EB11EB26A30.jpeg
  11. Is this ok to ask here :smile: our team’s quarterback. Is this an Hermes scarf?

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  12. There is an identification thread 2 threads down from this one. You should post there. I am not an expert but it doesn't look like Hermes.
  13. Thanks ! I found a clearer pic.
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  14. I saw this pic on TV and was half mortified and half fascinated. What if this becomes a thing with football players and then drifts out into the wider culture. I emailed a friend and asked if this was Hermes. What did you figure out?