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  1. Too funny! Yes the buttons were horrific. The ones I found are perfect and keep the flower theme going too. I found them on the internet. I am treating this like a jean jacket.
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  2. I have never seen it in white gold. I could ask.
  3. Thanks for offering :smile: but I can inquire. Your selection of jewelry and clothes is fabulous!
  4. Thanks! I loved the turquoise chèvre so much that I treated myself to the matching Bearn wallet and key case.
  5. You are really too kind. I'm not creative or artistic at all so I feel like I'm fumbling my way through my selections. But I like them so that's all that counts I suppose.
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  6. You are too modest, PbP. I forgot to mention your fabulous bags and shoes too! I don't consider your well thought out purchases as fumbling. You are in tune to what you like and you stick with it. The bracelet is a perfect example. And you are one of the most stylish ladies on this forum.
  7. +1
  8. You took the words right of my mouth as I was thinking the same thing! PbP's style is always classy with some unique and interesting twist, I'm a huge fan :smile:
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  9. thank you guys
  10. Agree!
  11. +1
  12. Here are some mind stretching color combinations.

    I came across this link because of a set of pins that pinterest sent me on paint colors. The cover picture on one of the pins looked just like my closet., so I started browsing the pins. You might find some pleasing but less heart stopping combinations by browsing the pins. Paint or clothes-- It is all color combinations that work. I am not bashing the above link. I think any one combination would be great. Seeing them all together is a bit much for me.

    Here is the paint color link. As one jewel tone person to another, I think just seeing the colors will make you happy.
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  13. Wow great charts! I did see some unexpected, for me, color combos on the alldaychic. It gave me something to consider. I have evolved into two categories 1. blends of the same shade or 2. The pop of unexpected color. On the whole I don't like to match everything up especially when it comes to bags and shoes. Here is a phrase that will bring terror into the hearts of women of a certain age and I heard it from one of the ladies who took care of my late mother: Matching shoes and bags is the nursing home look! Yikes!! Could it get worse than that? No need to rush that look IMO!
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  14. Very true! Lovely style always!