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  1. I have a theory about the name Blue Jean

    I think it's named that because jeans go with everything not because it's the color of blue jean, know what I mean?

    Ironically it does seem hard to pair with more recent dark washes in denim but it is a very neutral blue and a classic. It's more of an iconic H color to me, very distinctive. There are so many H blues but all the mid tones seem hard to wear with denim.

    It's not a color for me, I am more of a black, navy, gold, gray, olive and white fan.
  2. Iconic says it all, doesn't it?
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  3. Here are some modeling photos of my chain d'ancre enchainee bracelet. It's not a popular piece but I love it,.

    IMG_1492693265.354824.jpg IMG_1492693277.926667.jpg
  4. The bracelet is like a hinged bangle. This is how it looks open IMG_1492705288.870734.jpg IMG_1492705296.704053.jpg
  5. OK, I pulled out the BJ and the turquoise and I have to admit that they are much closer in color than my mind's eye remembered. They are still different to me on a personal level. The inside the house picture shows more of a difference between them than the outside in the
    sun picture. The Bolide is chevre and the Trim is togo.

    bag11.JPG bag12.jpg
  6. Since I mentioned the jaune St. Jacques, I thought I would post a picture of that as well. Here is a J Crew jacket with it that is the most adorable thing ever. I hated the brass buttons on it so I changed them to red with a flower. bag4.JPG bag3.JPG

  7. How very interesting! I have never seen this fabrication before. Chaine d'ancre is one of my favorites.
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  8. Thanks. That's why I'm showing it. It's not a common piece. I had asked my local SA to get this and two other bracelets in for me to choose. Her response: we have the other two to pick from. I was able to try this is paris and it's the one I chose.
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  10. I love the color of the bolide. Yummy. Thanks for posting.
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  12. Your trim looks just like mine in Clemence. No hint of turquoise.

    However, that Bolide is very cute!!!
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  14. Very informative post, thank you. They are both extremely pretty (your BJ does not have the grey tones to it). Thanks for taking the effort to post the photos, especially the sunlight one.
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  15. I am laughing so hard!!! I bought this jacket awhile back because it looked so cute in a ad I saw. Then I got it and the buttons were horrible! Like junk shop quality metal. So I sent it back. I wish I had the ability and willpower to change the buttons, but sadly I don't.
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