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  1. I save the fun colors for silhouettes like evelyne
    And my B and K are more neutral
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    Hermes blue jean and turquoise are two totally different colors IMO I have both and I can dig up the energy tomorrow, I will post a picture of them.

    I like a pop of color too and agree that investing a ton of money in a bag in a very bright color might not be the wisest thing to do. I got around this problem a few years ago. I really wanted a yellowish bag and the one that came to mind at the time and that I had missed out on when it was current, was a yellow color that Vuitton used in epi leather and specifically, the St Jacques style bag. i found one in perfect condition at resale for a great price. I still have it and plan to use it again shortly. It looks great against a dark color like black or navy, two colors that I wear a lot.
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  3. Grace, I know *exactly* which colour/bag - yes it's a stunning contrast on Navy.
  4. I wonder if the name stems from the shellfish dish - coquille St Jacques?

    I was also pondering the fact that although the French called it blue jean, the word denim is actually derived from "serge de Nimes.
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  5. Eagerly awaiting this pic, but won't die if it is not tomorrow.:smile:
  6. Way back when, I had the jaune and the rouge St Jacques in front of me at the boutique and had a hard time making up my mind. I went with the red (duh!) and also heard this little voice in my head with the DH saying "what were you thinking of?" when it came to the jaune. When I bought it so many years later and showed it to him and told him of my previous dilemma, he laughed and told me I had made a wise decision at the time, but he thought the jaune was pretty. Win Win!

    I like to think that it relates to the David Bowie song Blue Jean which came out in 1984. Maybe someone was listening at Hermes?

    Haha! when I first read this, I thought you meant that i shouldn't die tomorrow :lol:
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  7. Funny, I was thinking the same thing!
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  8. Sometimes I think that as I get older, that English is becoming a second language for me. Now if I just had a first.
  9. You almost have it right. English is a second language.
  10. Ok, but in the incarnation of BJ I saw in the boutique, it was a muted turquoise, IMO. One of the posters commented that there was a lot of variation in BJ according to leather and, it would seem to me, age, and maybe even dye lot. Dying chemicals change over time. So, yes, BJ could be very different from turquoise and yes, it could be in the same color spectrum. This raises the question of how different other H colors are over time even if the leather is the same. Use, like the oils from hands will affect the color, too, to some tiny degree.

    I clearly agree with you about the fun aspect of yellow bags. The epi leathers of LV I have seen are very nice. I have several yellow bags in bright yellow, not expensive, I just like them.
  11. Good point. Maybe something got lost in translation.
  12. There must be something in the air: just as we're discussing what is bleu jean, another thread in the H forum was started on what is coral?
    (P.S. everyone knows it's rose jaipur :smile: )
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  13. Y'all are giving me a minor heart attack. I just bought my first H bag... in Blue Jean. :amazed:
    It's a big bulky thing I want to use for travel (Clemence Paris Bombay 37) and it *seems* like a useful, neutral-ish color.
    I'm finally breaking out of my all-black world and now you tell me I've picked the Harvest Gold of Hermès? :lol:
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  14. I am the one who brought up Harvest Gold. After this discussion, I have decided this will be the newest classic. You are ahead of the curve. Oh yes. After my careful evaluation of BJ on eBay, I concluded that the best shades are in clemence. Good work on your part.
  15. Thank you for the reassurance. :flowers:
    It really does seem to change with the leathers - Swift and Epsom are almost candy-colored, and Togo, as said above, has that green to it. I'm looking forward to seeing the Clemence.
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