Hermes Cabag Pics...As requested

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  1. During my Kelly and Cabag etoupe reveal, several fellow tPFr's asked for additional photos of the Cabag. The more time I spend with her, the more I like her!

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  2. That's a nice bag Sinatra, never saw this one before.
    Love the color too. Thank you for sharing :smile:!
  3. A few final pics

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  4. THank you for the pics Sinatra. I had seen it only once on a nicely dressed lady and was rather intrigued by it. Are you able to sling the longer handle on the shoulder? Does it sit nicely?

    This is surely a lovely neutral colour that would be so wearable. Could you describe the make of the bag (what sort of canvas). Such an under the radar bag for H!


  5. Hi Ms Piggy,

    Yes, the shoulder strap fits very nicely over the shoulder and either strap is designed to be tucked inside when not in use. The fabric is very similar to that of the Garden Party, a heavy canvas. I love it so much I am going in search of the bag in other colors! Spring can't come soon enough!
  6. Thank you. Any possibility of modeling/action pics?

  7. Happy to oblige. When my DD returns from school, I will ask her to take some pics.
  8. Thank you for posting pics and many congrats on your gorgy bag!
  9. Gorgeous bag and a fabulous neutral to go with so much. Looking forward to the action pics.
  10. Thank you for the extra pics :smile:
  11. Love this bag. Am excited to see action pics! Thank you!
  12. i love the cabag! i think it is great and i love the long and short handles!~

    i was lucky to be a lovely TPFr when she bought the cabag when it first came out and it is fabulous on her!
  13. looks like a great bag! thanks for the wonderful pics and congrats too.

    May i know how much it is?

  14. I love this bag! Very chic, clean lined and almost modern in sensibility. A grown up Garden Party....

  15. For Hermes, I think the price is terrific at $1250 US !