Hermes Buyers Remorse

  1. Can there be such a thing? I think so because I just purchased a beautiful Hermes scarf but it was not the one I wanted (they are out) and settled for something else. I wanted the Hermes orange scarf with the brown ribbon instead got the new version with lots of different colour ribbons on it. Do I return? Exchange?

    I know this is not about handbags but my boyfriend does not understand.
  2. Well WE understand!! I've never had it with a bag, but with scarves, yes. If you can, do an exchange.
  3. By the way - I don't think they're doing the scarf you want, anymore?
  4. I have seen a few at a H store last month. pm me
  5. ^whoohoo!!!!! EXCHANGE IT!!!!!
  6. I completely understand as I'm always changing my mind about my scarves and have settled many times for not quite the colourway I wanted.

    If you are in the USA you can go to and I saw the orange/brown Bolduc scarf on there the other day.

    Or perhaps exchange the one you have if you can. Hope you can work something out.

  7. You are right, it's still on the website. I guess they are bringing it back. I love that design
  8. the H boutiques are so good about exchanging. they never make you feel bad. i would exchange it.
  9. if you don't like it exchange it...seems like they still have them ...go get your scarf
  10. wow, I haven't seen that design for ages....they must have re-released it?
  11. other than Japan...
  12. What I keep as my policy for buying anything; if you don´t love it return it/sell it. Never settle.
  13. Don't keep something u don't love-there are too many beautiful things that need a good home!
  14. Exchange it! Never settle for something that doesn't make your heart sing with Hermes! It's too expensive! All the items you own you should lllluuuuurve!!!
  15. :yes::yes::yes: