Hermes, but I still must share with my fellow Coach lovers.

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  1. Thanks for sharing that with us! I posted over there so won't say it all again here. I'm just about to bust with joy for you though!
  2. I didnt know you were in the army! Congrats! You totally deserve it!:yes:
  3. Wow!!! What an amazing RAOK!! I'm so glad you have a little bit of Hermes to tide you over, raisin is my absolute favorite color!!! I would LOVE a raisin bolide but just not gonna happen. Congratulations on your wonderful gift from a truly generous and thoughtful person. You totally deserve it!
  4. That's amazing!!!!!! Well, you totally deserve it, serving our Country everyday. Good for you!!!! I'm so happy for you. And overwhelmed at someone's generosity!

    Wear it in good health. Again, you really do deserve it!

  5. Someday, you could get a never know the power of positive thinking! I just kept thinking about how I was going to save my bonus money to get a Lindy, and thinking about how much I love raisin and someday I would get it! And BAM!!!! This happens!!!!
    Nothing is too fantastic!

    I didn't know if it would be ok to post Hermes stuff here, but I didn't really know how else to craft it since I did a little reveal over there and didn't want to redo...
    and really H and Coach are the only bag forums I use and most of us like both, and I thought that it would be fun to share my joyous day with everyone because I love reading about all your stuff whether it is Coach, LV, Chanel...whatever really!
    Thanks for's still hard to not cry right now LOL :heart:
  6. Wow congrats! I am tearing up over here. What a touching gesture. I am so happy for you!
  7. ^^^I think it should be fine to post your wonderful surprise here. I'm really happy you posted it, because I have yet to wander over to the Hermes forum....I'm still in the early stages of designer :shame:
  8. Like I said on the Hermes forum congrats and you go girl.
  9. LA, uh oh, going over to H early means a LOOOOONG slippery slope down!! LOL!!!!
    But totally worth it, IMO.

    Thanks everyone for being so sweet :heart:
  10. Congratulations! What a surprise! The color is lovely!
  11. :nuts:That was an amazing gesture! Candace you so deserve it! I love anything purple, so that raisin is tdf!
  12. Congrats and what a beautiful story!!
  13. OMG *tears8
  14. I'm so happy for you congrats, it's people who do those things that make me forget about all the bad in the world. So so sweet