Hermes Budget -- what's that?

  1. Do you find yourself on some days just combing eBay and/or calling the boutiques to find something, whether or not the money to pay for it is sitting in your checking or savings account? I mean, who among us really saves and budgets for our Hermes purchases?
  2. Millstream maybe some of us don't want to pay finance charges if we buy it and not pay it off within 28 days. Those credit card companies make a butt load of cash over finance charges, fees, etc.

    But I truly believe anyone can afford anything (within reason I'm not saying Little Necker Island or a Gulfstream Jet) it's all about redistributing your expenses to buy what you like or what you are obsessing over.

    I do find myself going hey I want a scarf today and then when I call its sold out.:crybaby:
    But then again I don't buy anything unless I am truly in love with it.
    I don't know about others but if I don't absolutely love it I end up losing it or forgetting stuff (last years Prada sunnies :confused1: :crybaby: )
  3. In the heat of the Hermes moment, my focus is on the item I absolutely must have and not on much else. I've mastered the art of walking out of the Hermes Boutique empty-handed when there's nothing singing to me, but have a helluva time doing that when there's something softly calling my name. That's when I try to push thoughts about breaking the budget out of my head.

    I'm haunted by the things that got away because I wasn't prepared to suck it up and pay for them when they were offered to me.

    Shopmom, this would be like kicking Johnny Depp out of your bedroom because you didn't feel like making the effort to put a fresh set of sheets on the bed. Or maybe not -- just got lost in a daydream here.
  4. Hmmm ... well, I TRY to save and have a Hermes fund. I was doing well for a while and then that kind of went down the drain when I made two major purchases this year and then lost my job...

    Argh, the finance charge was $96 last month :push::crybaby:
  5. I don't really have a strict budget, but I evaluate each purchase based on how much I love it and if it fills a perceived hole in my purse wardrobe. I don't do SO's so if a bag of my dream shows up I know I have to grab it or I may never see it again.
    I only buy what I love and I use all my bags. Once I bought it I do not think about the price or whether I should have bought it. Have never had any regrets where Hermes is concerned.
    However, when I feel I have been buying quite a bit more than usual or in a shorter period of time, I kind of know that it is time to stay away from Hermes for a while so that I don't find myself really wanting something again too soon. So I guess that is kind of like a budget.
  6. Um. I actually pay off my CC every month. No finance charge whatsoever. If I can't afford it, I will not purchase it.

    But as ElisabethK pointed out, I do redistribute my purchases so that I only buy what I love.

    And as Tamarind quoted - I also have no regrets where Hermes is concerned. And when I feel that I have been buying quite a bit more than usual or in a shorter period of time, I know it's time to stay away from the stores for a while. That's my method of budgeting.:yes:
  7. I really don't have a budget but I noticed I've been buying quite a lot lately...I need to control myself. :push:
  8. you want a list of names? i doubt i'm the only one who doesn't have a swollen bank account. and that being my reality, i do not buy or charge things i don't have the money for. i have to pick and choose what i want to buy and when.
    but i'm always looking on-line for something to admire and pine for.:heart:
  9. hmmm, well i am used to paying cash for everything so unless i have the cash in my hands i dont buy it :smile:
    i cant bare the idea to buy something on credit..
  10. Wait. There's something called an Hermes BUDGET?????????

    ......why didn't anyone tell me!!!!
  11. I've got a couple of big ticket SO's that could arrive any time between tomorrow and three years from now. How on earth does one budget when the ETA is who-the-hell-knows when? And it doesn't help to stay away from the Boutique, because my SA knows how to find me.

    Aside from a Chartreuse Bolide (or Birkin, if my SA manages to snag one), I'm going to try to stay on track for those SO's.
  12. It's the hot FedEx a.k.a Johnny Depp delivering your bags!!!
  13. Hermes budget is what you are on when you only buy Hermes, and nothing else!....ever!:sweatdrop: :p
  14. Ah, Ava, is the Hermes and water diet.