hermes bracelets

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  1. does anybody know if hermes still makes these bracelets?


    i think one of these would be really cute with an hermes lock (like the hippo one) hanging off of it........

    on and also.....if the bracelets are available, how much do they cost? does hermes just have their leather bracelets and enamel bangles in display cases in the store? i've always been too intimdated to walk into an hermes store, but i'd hate to walk in and be a bumbling idiot :sad2:
  2. Yes, I've seen these bracelets in various stores. They should still be in stock. I forgot what they retailed for...probably high 200s low 300s. While we were in there, my friend tried it one, but it looked cuter on display. On the wrist, the lock just looked very weird as it was sticking out pretty far. But don't be afraid to walk in and see!
  3. Here are some I saw on their website.
    There are many enamel bracelets to choose from, wide and narrow.
  4. I loooooooooove their animals. So cute!
  5. Love them!
  6. I love the bracelets! I like the enamel ones but for some reason I cant find one that looks good on me.
  7. i love the look of the enamel ones but knowing me there'd be a giant crack on it five minutes after i put it on......i want the leather one just so i can hang a cute little lock off of it......
  8. If you're living in US, then just order through the site. Unlike us here in Asia.
  9. I have one of the enamel ones and I wear it every day. DH bought it for our anniversary 3 years ago. You don't have to worry about hurting it...mine has been banged around and still looks perfect! :love: Next I would love to get the one with the animals posted above. It is so cute!
  10. I love this one which I saw on the Hermes website France. It's called "bracelet jumbo" and it's so cute :nuts: I wonder if they have it in other colors.
  11. crochetbella - do the enamel bracelets only come in one arm size? I'm pretty tiny and most bangles fall on my arm.
  12. Yes La Van, I like it too. It also comes with gold instead of silver and in black (the leather string) with either silver or gold..:smile:
  13. The enamel bracelet comes in at least 2 different width. I have a tiny wrist and the thinner enamel bracelet fits perfectly! :P
  14. jc, a MPRS is selling a hot pink one right now. If I could blow any money right now, I would have already bought it ;)
  15. Thanks guys. I guess I have to go to the store again and try. I always see the designs of the bracelets but never tried them on nor asked about the size.