Hermes Bracelets for Men

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  1. C5B8D68A-834D-4D00-9F5A-D6B03259CA58.jpeg I think H has great bracelet collections for men? Let’s see what most of you think and share your collections. Thank you.
  2. H going gothic...I admit, I am into classics:

    Dogon Duo wallet
    Chaine d’Ancre bracelet
    Death‘s Head ring by Courts & Hackett of London - check it out on Keith Richards‘ hand
  3. Looking good guys. The first design is really unique.
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  4. Love the look.
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  5. look beautiful. I just purchased an H bracelet in red. But now im oogling over yours :smile:)
  6. Picture please on the red bracelet ... thanks
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  7. IMG_4667.jpg

    Here is the red I bought and the grey one I got a month ago. I think I need to stop haha.
  8. They are very nice... I love them too... don’t stop collecting ... they are irresistible Thx for the picture
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  9. And my Apple Hermes Watch. Now I’m thinking an Evelyne. What color do you think is suitable for a man? IMG_5685.jpg
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  10. I love ur Rallye strap ... that’s the one I’m contemplating to get ... wish it comes with Fauve on the inside

    Yes ... if you have not have one ... you need to get the Evelyn ... a very practical bag
    I love my Evelyn 33 Gold Clemence leather ... the other nice colors I believe for men are the Etain, Etoupe, Gris Asphalte or even the orange
    IMG_3931.jpg IMG_3943.jpg IMG_3944.jpg IMG_3931.jpg
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  11. Thank you so much for the reference photos! Are you based in the San Francisco area or in Asia? I have never seen the Evelyne in Orange at any store. I’ve been to Hermes in Tokyo, Singapore, Manila, Bangkok, Indonesia, Las Vegas and San Francisco and none have orange or etain in stock :sad: only pink and the new style bag in black which I don’t like.

    Yes if you can, get the watch. But maybe you should wait until September to see if they will release Apple Watch 4. Only 3 months away :smile:)
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  12. I totally agree with you ... I love the Apple H watch 3 ... I had it since it first launched ... in fact that’s the H thing I wear 24-7 since I acquired it IMG_4008.jpg IMG_4010.jpg IMG_4015.jpg IMG_4019.jpg IMG_4024.jpg IMG_4028.jpg IMG_4039.jpg IMG_4020.jpg
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  13. Nomade H bracelet IMG_3998.jpg
  14. Oxford double sided bracelet IMG_3963.jpg IMG_3964.jpg
  15. I have beton in 33 and bleu nuit tpm. I’m obsessed with both of them. A picture for your reference.