Hermés Bracelet wanted

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  1. Hi there : )
    Or do you know where to find them online apart from ebay or hermes.com ?


    **There's NO buying, selling or trading here!
  2. Hello, Emma....what style bracelet are you wanting to find? Bangle, link....leather???

    I know you said you were not interested in Ebay, but, there are some very reputable Ebay sellers who do list H bracelets.
  3. there's no buying here, please don't ask again ;)
    Also, I removed your other thread as we do not permit duplicates.
  4. owh sorry swanky mama of three... Can I ask where to find H-bracelets then?
    isus... I want the H bracelet... It dosnt matter if its thin or thick... I've been searching around the net for a site that might sell them but without any luck...
    I dont know how to do with ebay cause I dont know if my Paypal account works...
  5. Can you copy a pic from eBay or hermes.com so that we know what bracelet you are interested in locating?
  6. sure, here ya go :smile:

  7. Dammeen, where are you located? Paypal works in most countries if you are a buyer. I have never seen the bracelets anywhere else except ebay and hermes. There are japanese auction sites as well as the yahoo auction site or ioffer, but it 's the same principle as ebay, so you might as well try ebay. I have never seen them on resellers sites.
  8. oh ok thanks...
    I live in sweden. I fot a paypal account... but it said you must have 4 numbers or something... it seem so complicated?

  9. Where in Sweden do you live? My husband just bought me two of those bracelets, one lilac and one pink, in Hermes Stockholm last month and according to him they had a great selection :smile:
  10. Oh, I live in Västerås.. do you live in sweden too? :smile:
  11. No, I live in Iceland. My husband was there on business and visiting some friends while at it.
  12. do you know what he paid for them?