Hermes Bracelet or Scarf? First purchase dilema!

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Feb 20, 2012
For a first purchase, which one would you choose?

I am new to the Hermes world, and have been a Louis Vuitton fanatic for the longest time. I am, however, very appreciative for Hermes' quality and craftsmanship. Therefore, I've decided to venture out into the world of Hermes with this first purchase.

I am a guy, and I mostly wear jewlery, scarves, bracelets, ring, just any accesory I can put on or stack on.

Would you go for a scarf first, or a H - clic clac bracelet?

I'm particularily looking at the 90 x 90 scarf ( black border w/ white tigers) or the gold hardware black (wide - not the thin one) clic clac bracelet.

I am also up for suggestions if you guys have any. My budget is not limited, but I don't want to spend so much on my first purchase so under 1K is reasonable for now.

Also, if you choose the H wide clic clac bracelet, which combo would you choose as a first purchase? I thought of black and gold hardware, but now to think of it, it seems like a safe but conservative route. Should I venture out into something outside the box given I can experiment little accessories? My favorite colors are red, gold, and anything eye - catching. Would a red/gold H bracelet be too much? I'm thinking of this as a classic piece that I will wear until it breaks...hopefully never. (For reference, I usually wear conservative clothes like a T-shirt and jeans, but I wear tons of chains, bracelets, necklaces to spice it up. I would consider my style as Nerd-Rocker if that makes any sense.)
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Jan 20, 2011
I vote for a bracelet too. My first H purchase was a scarf, which I love, but I recently got a Behapi bracelet in bleu electrique that reverses to etain, with phw, and I love it so much. I wear it a lot more than my scarf! I would love to see what you select. Is it possible that you could go for both, scarf AND bracelet?
Feb 20, 2012
I voted for a scarf. Of course, if there's a bracelet you want, by all means go for it!! Either way you can't lose!! You'll have both soon anyway, you know. Once you're on the slope, it's a pretty slippery slide!!

I hope the slope isn't exactly too slippery ;)

I've had the biggest obsession with Louis Vuitton, but lately, I feel like I should venture out to other brands and what better way than to start with classic Hermes? (Even with little items like scarves and bracelets) I just haven't been so impressed with Louis Vuitton's quality lately and feel like the bags I've purchased are so fragile and the canvas isn't as thick as it was before. I hope Hermes has a place in my heart right beside Louis Vuitton :smile:


Counting My Blessings 1 Birkin At A Time ;)
Nov 26, 2009
I know. :smile: I have a feeling that might happen.

Does the clic clac scratch and show wear + tear easily?

It's a great start with Hermes.... bracelets are fabulous and kind of a no-brainer!! When you're starting ur collection Black GHW is a great choice!! That's how I started... and now I'm addicted!!! Sooooo, I wear a clic clac most days.... by itself or stacked with a CDC. After a year, you can def see fine surface scratches if u inspect the bracelet, but nothing obvious unless you look very close. I'm not super careful with them either. I have the clic clacs and the extra wide... easy to wear and so fun! Later on I branched out to belts and scarves. They are also very addicting. If you find a scarf design you absolutely LOVE, get it. But scarves take more thought and research IMO. Keep in mind, every season, Hermes comes out with new designs and u are bound to love 1 or 2 or 35 ;)


Sep 7, 2011
I think a clic clac is a great beginning. But know that this is that first baby step towards a lifelong love affair. It was for me and many orange boxes later the affair is going strong. Really you can't go wrong with either choice. Have fun and show us what you decided!