Hermes bracelet junkies... I need advice!

  1. I am a WATCH girl!

    About a year ago, my wrist got wrenched in a fall (a silly high heel malfunction!:shame:smile: and I found an un-related notch on the inside of my wrist that needed attention. After trying the non-invasive stuff for a while, it looks like I need a little procedure now. Not a big deal at all, and it's nothing serious. I just wanna do it and be done with it.

    So my shallow little question is this: what can I get to cover it up while it heals? It's about 1/2 inch North of the widest part of my wrist. I have been thinking a nice wide cuff, probably a soft leather, and I've floated the idea to DH who doesn't seem to mind - as long as it's NOT a CDC!

    I've had other surgeries and scars it's not as though I'm vain, but I am such a watch girl that if I don't wear anything I get that little "oh no where's my watch??" jolt every few hours. Mini heart attacks from years of wearing a watch everywhere! Plus I wouldn't mind my wrists to have something pretty on them again.

    I don't mind vintage or hitting up the H, I'm pretty open at this point LoL

    Any ideas? :graucho: Please DO enable!!
  2. First off *hugs*!!!
    H has a lot of pretty leather cuffs right now. How about the Ano (I think that's what it's called?) in leather or the Night bracelet...not all leather but I tried it on on Sat. and it was really nice.:tup:
  3. i don't knwo what will be soft enough but why not try a scarf or twilly wrapped around your wrist- an unexpected style and may end up being a new look for you.

    otherwise what about a double etrivier bracelet in barenia. i wear mine all the time.
  4. or an etrivier in something else would work too ;)
  5. what about a kelly cuff? nice and wide, but not as much hardware as the CDC:

  6. Sorry about your wrist. My teen sometimes wears a pochette on her wrist...

  7. There's this fantastic epsom leather cuff that comes in white and gold (or is it brown?). It's large enough.
  8. Angelfish ~ so sorry to hear about your fall and upcoming surgery. Good luck and I hope it is a quick recovery. I'm sorry I cannot be of any help since I only have H enamal bracelets.
  9. What's this? NOT a CDC!! I am dismayed... :smile: Sorry, nothing else to offer!
  10. Sorry to hear about your fall. I think the twilly wrapped on your wrist is a pretty neat idea.
  11. I´m so sorry about your wrist, that must have been painful! I have a bump on my wrist too and it ain´t pretty so I love big bracelets to cover it up. A Kelly double tour covers mine, I´m not sure about the size of your injury. I think Rose´s suggestion looks beautiful!! Also there are those wider bracelets with the letter H perforated on them.
  12. C - so sorry about your wrist :sad:
    I hope your upcoming surgery and recuperation goes well!
    I like the wide Kelly cuff.
  13. I'm so sorry about the wrist-I think the twilly wrap is a great idea-I'm worried that anything with any stiffness could rub on a closure site and impede healing.
  14. Hope your wrist feels better soon!

    I think the soft leather Ano cuff is a good choice - these are very bendable and don't have any hardware to make them heavy or difficult to fasten. They just slip around your wrist and adjust comfortably to any size - it sounds like it'll cover just the area you're trying to address.
  15. Aww - sorry about your wrist BUT this is as good a reason as any to go bracelet shopping! There are some wonderful choices out there. I like DQ's suggestion of the Kelly cuff if you are not into the CDC (which of course, is my #1 choice!).

    A twilly is a nice change, too!