Hermes box...

  1. Is this a totaly weird question, or what!?!?!?! My Kelly is going to arrive without it's original Hermes box - and I kinda want one. What are the odds of finding an Hermes orange Kelley-size box somewhere, somehow that' s for sale? I haven't seen any being sold on eBay so I'm kind of at a loss....and the seller of the bag does not have one either.........

    I know this is a weird question but I thought if anyone would know, you guys would!:flowers:
  2. Call your SA at Hermes and see if you can get one, or maybe purchase one?
  3. I never thought of that! Thanks, Greentea! I'm actually going to see him in a few days because......I bought another scarf and I have to pick it up!!!!;)
  4. Hi Shopmom...what scarf did you choose? I called Hermes today and am thinking about a Bearn epsom with silver. Don't know what to do cause it's about 1800. This forum is making me want to buy something!! A scarf is nice too!!
  5. If I was more decisive about my keeping my orange boxes I'd send you one, but I'm still trying to decide if I should keep them or not. My bags are on my shelves because I'm too lazy to store them each time I use them and I tend to forget about them when they are in their boxes. By the way, enjoy your new Kelly...can't wait to find out how you like it. I really have been considering the large brown Bolide from that seller but it doesn't have a shoulder strap.
  6. You should get that wallet. I love mine:love: . I know what you mean about the forum making you want to buy something. I am very close to stealing from my "Move to Paris" fund to buy a watch, I am hoping I can wait until my birthday in October but I don't know. I am going to New York at the end of the this month with my mom and sister, I am afraid what I might buy at the New York boutique:amazed:.
  7. I just bought Bolduc in orange and I'm afraid to go pick it up 'cause I'm a weakling when I enter the store...I don't think my checkbook can handle anything more right now!:blink:
  8. Thanks dianagrace for telling me about the wallet! This I guess is a new style with three sections. I am thinking about classic black or wait for a fun color. I am rather conservative but from reading about all the beautiful colors on the forum I might be into fushia now!! Which watch do you love? I'd love a Cartier (shhhh) white gold with diamonds or possibly a Hermes. How fun to go to New York. I was there four years ago and the boutique is huge!!
  9. You are sooooo funny!:roflmfao: I know it's awful when you are bitten by the Hermes bug.:lol: I'll check the Bolduc in orange on the website...must be gorgeous!!
  10. Dianagrace.....are you moving to Paris????? Oh my....sounds WONDERFUL!

    Loveshermes....if you decide to let a lovely box go, I'll buy it from you in a flash....:flowers:
  11. Lovehermes:

    My wallet is Blue Jean and I love the color. A fushia would be fabulous. I really like the Hermes H watch. I am thinking of a gold or maybe Rouge H strap, I haven't decided yet. I have a nice Michele watch but I would love a leather strap watch for the weekends. I love Cartier watches too.
  12. Shopmom...gorgeous choice in scarf....very classic Hermes.
    I know I don't know what to do about boxes. I started a thread a while ago about storing bags and some say to store them in the box and others say to let them breathe outside the box...?
  13. Blue Jean is gorgeous and compliments other bags! Most of my bags are black with one Rouge Vif and one in Raisin. Fushia or orange would be fun. I'm wondering if the SA could locate one for me...
  14. I have always wanted to live in Paris for a year and study French, take cooking classes and travel all over France. My goal is to have enough money by the time I am 40 to do this. I have four more years to go and I have already saved about 60% of what I estimated I would need so I think I will be able to do it. Now if I could just keep from dipping into the fund.
  15. Loveshermes....I am also pretty conservative. My bags are black, grey, black, chocolate, black and one leopard print (don't ask. It was a weak moment at YSL). But now with Mizz Kelly coming I'm really into the Hermes colors for accessories! Why not go for Yellow, Orange and fun to peak into your bag and see the colors of the rainbow......:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: