Hermes box styles over the years -- from LeMonde

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  1. upload_2020-5-22_13-15-51.png
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  2. I imagine everyone is getting LeMonde emails with the shutdown, but I thought this was interesting. I believe there is an article as well, but the photo caught my eye.
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  3. Loved this article and the history behind this. Would love to see H bring back the old cream colored box for one special season.
  4. Thanks for sharing!
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  5. Love the history...thank you for sharing.❤️
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  6. HI, can you take a shot of the story and upload, please?
  7. Apologies for the semi off-topic question, but how do you register to get Le Monde delivered via email?

    I fortunately receive a paper copy each season, but it would be lovely to also get a digital link each time to better enjoy the gorgeous imagery.