Hermes boutiques with a resident craftman

  1. Does your Hermes boutique have a resident craftman sitting in the store repairing bags?
  2. NYC actually has 2 leather craftsman, Claude and Pierre. There's also a watch repairman, whose name I can't recall.
  3. I WISH!

    To be store doesn't have *hit!!!
  4. My preferred/closest store (Hermes @ Hilton) doesn't have a repairman. But 24 Faubourg has :angel: (I think :roflmfao:), on Friday, I saw the saddle artesan at work.
  5. Paris, NYC, Beverly Hills
  6. LOL same here (Chicago)
  7. Would you believe if I tell you Singapore has one?!!! :graucho: :yahoo:

    The many Hermes connoiseurs here must feel so happy to have one so accessible.

    He was fixing a fushia ostrich Birkin when I saw him at work. His workstation is on the ground floor, where the bag showcases are.

    The craftman and his family moved here. Apparently they like it here in Singapore.
  8. Back in Feb. I met a craftsperson at the workshop at 24, Faubourg. She used to be the resident craftsman at the Beverly Hills store. I was so "starstruck" that I forgot to ask for her name. My SA actually told me her name but I was in such awe that I couldn't recall. *stupid* She was lovely, though!
  9. That's the boutique over at Liat Tower, right? He was so quiet doing his thing that I didn't even realize he was there until I was done rambling to the SAs asking them all sorts of weird question. I feel so silly afterwards.:P
  10. Yes, Kou. That's the one.

    He was indeed very quiet. Not a word and no eye contact. I felt like I had to whisper in his presence, and not to disturb the master at work.

    The manager of the boutique said every country wants its own in-house craftman, so we (Singapore) are really fortunate to have one. He apparently gives demonstrations when there are private events.

    In the larger scheme of things, I asked the question because I am curious just how many craftmen actually leave their core job of bag making, to go out to the retail stores to refurbish bags. I kind of think they lose touch with bag-making after awhile (which the manager agreed with me, that it can happen).
  11. I like it there too:yes:

    We hd one visit the Sydney boutique once, and gave demonstrations, but we don't have an in-house one.:sad:
  12. Re: Singapore
    i like it there too but I gotta get a job that pays more than this one here before i can move there:yes:

    KF, Australia doesn't have a craftsman right now?
  13. ^kou, are you kidding me? we're lucky to even have an hermes.........LMAO!!!!

    we've never had one, as far as I know.
  14. :yes:

  15. I first met this craftsman in July last year...when Hermes SG held an event "Encounters with Hermes Craftsmen". He demonstrated how to make a was truly amazing seeing him at work! The whole bag was turned inside out...just like dress making! Too bad I can't speak French. I would love to ask him questions about leathers!:girlsigh: