Hermes boutiques in London

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  1. The DH is going to London next week and I am sending him on a quest. There are 4 H boutiques in Central London: Sloane St, New Bond St, Royal Exchange, and Harrods. He is staying at the London Metropolitan, so I reckon the nearest would be New Bond St or Harrods. But I would like to hear opinions on which of these has the best selection and recommendations on SAs. He has limited time and said he can only go to one :sad:
  2. the best selection for what?

    Sloan St (which isnt that far from Harrods BTW) has the biggest selection IMO but you might find more treasures in Royal Exchange since its not as busy but its farther away
  3. I love the Bond St shop, although I'm not sure how much they have on the floor. Personally I don't like the H in Harrods. They are quite busy and it usually means waiting awhile for help. The usually don't have that much out. Also, there is so much competition there in terms of the uber rich customers and they are not always so interested in helping me.

    Is the H on Sloane St finished with renovations?
  4. I agree that Harrods is busy and the selection is meh (altho they have secret compartments of stock of certain things like scarves) but the SAs there are pretty friendly once you get their attention

    Forgot to mention that with the dollar so weak against the pound, prices for H is about 10-15% more than American prices before you remove the VAT
  5. Thanks for the replies, ladies. I am hoping to get a Kelly pochette in exotic – lizard or croc. And of course, maybe the DH will get lucky and get a Birkin (looking for an exotic)! I am not in the US, and in my part of the world, trying to get a Birkin or Kelly is like trying to get blood from stone, and prices are higher than in Europe / North America, anyway, so the strong pound does not make too much of a difference.
  6. My suggestion is to call the shops, if you already know what you want. I do it that way when my DH goes out of town. I have only positive experiences with that method. I hand him a list with names, adresses, articles and he only has to tell the SAs that I called and they allready await him. Worked everywhere from Germany to US. Good luck!
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  7. I frequent the store on New Bond St when I was living in the UK. The SAs there are friendlier than the ones on Sloane St. Harrods only has a small Hermes counter. Royal Exchange store sometimes can have suprise items.

    I agree with Vanmiracle, give the stores a call if you already know what you are looking for.
  8. There's a new H store within Selfridges now. I recalled seeing a kelly pochette in ostrich a few weeks back! gorgeous!
  9. ^^Which Selfrigde is that? Is it a newly opened store?
  10. I encountered the friendliest SA at Sloane St, he was very helpful and pretty funny to boot. Harrods can be busy but the SAs are pretty nice too. Harrods is about 3 min walk away from Sloane St boutique so he could go to both.

    In Bond St the SA that served me was young and polite/friendly but not very knowledgeable or terribly eager to help locate things I was interested in. Not been to the wonder room in Selfridges yet but I generally don't find Selfridges SA all that helpful, okay but not outstanding. Not been to Royal Exchange either but I believe they are supposed to be nice there. Oh and don't know where he's flying from but there's also H in Heathrow.

    I would agree with Vanmiracle about ringing them in advance.

    P.S. There's only one Selfridges in London.
  11. I agree with Loony. I went to all the boutiques in the summer whilst looking for my Bolide. I found the SAs in Harrods quite offish (I guess they get loads of tourists!!)
    I found my Bolide, and the friendliest SAs at Sloane Street. A very young SA spent alot of time with me helping to choose a scarve aswell.
  12. I must have gotten the store's name mixed up. Selfridges that I ever went to was the one on Oxford Street.

    There is another store opposite Harrods within a walking distance (with a Japanese restaurant at their basement), can't remember the name.
  13. Pursenality, that's Harvey Nichols.

    raz, was it a man who helped you with your Bolide at Slone St? I forgot the name of the SA that helped me and I would love to know what it is so I can ask for him in case I need to deal with that store again.
  14. My experience at Bond Street is best with Sloane St a close runner up - the newly opened concession in Selfridges is only a few minutes walk away from the Bond Street store ( the way I walk anyway) and is intended to hold uberluxury items so if you're after an exotic that's probably a good place to look. But save yourself the shoeleather and your DH any frustration by phoning around. I found the SAs in Harrods a bit 'off' but they do get loads of tourists and I probably looked terribly shabby at the time.
  15. Yes Loony, it was a man who helped me. I cant recall his name at present. He was quite tallish, not too young!! He was wonderful, and a great help.